We are part of a family
Cancer, the silent "C" creeps around
It does not care, who it attacks,
Man, Woman, Child.

It attacks, jumps on your back
Questions asked, How and Why?
Doctors, Hospitals, Treatment
Cancer exits, bags packed,
We WILL, move on with HOPE.

Silent "C" creeps back,
Hands around throat
Questions asked.
We STILL, move on with HOPE
Pains in stomach, back
Everywhere and anywhere,
Questions asked,
But we STILL move on with HOPE.

Feel weak, now sit in wheelchair
But we STILL move on with HOPE
Silent "C" still there,
Waits to trip us up.

Cancer may look, to have won
But No, no more pain, no more suffering
He is FREE
He has moved On and Up
You Cancer, are Down and Out.
We are very Sad.
But glad, One day, there WILL BE No Suffering.