I looked into the Red Room
Where all is hot and tense, the panic was unbearable, the pain it was immense.
The heat of fire surrounds me, and I am ill at ease
The knowledge of my downfall; the knowledge of disease.

Confusion all around me, the burning in my blood.
A hornets’ nest of panic and I’m sweating like a flood.

But soon comes Peace to save me, with healing in his wings.
He spoke to me of gardens; he spoke of many things.

The stillness at the centre, the lotus in the flames,
Some call in God and Jesus, the Name above all names.

You touch his robe of blessing, you see his smile of love,
and recognise his spirit as gentle as a dove.

He leads me to green pastures where water lies, serene.
And in the silent stillness he’s there, although unseen.

For every day, my Saviour, sits down with me, at eat.
He gives me life eternal, and my joy is complete.

Picture One

The first painting is my reaction to being asked to think about illness.
The door I visualised was heavy, strong, black and locked.
I did not want to go inside.
In fact, I did not go inside, I resisted it.

Picture Two

The second painting shows bodies laid out as if in a mortuary and represents what I was afraid of seeing if I entered the room with the black door.