Mary Beth

The picture - accidental (why only females?), angry and cruel...but then I Mum holds the pot she never made.She colluded with others' view of her incompetence; she stifled creativity; internalised her dark side. The family had more skeletons in their cupboard than the local cemetery...some living, some dead, some denied birth.

My Mum never smoked; only drank when forced; ate home-grown vegetables; walked everywhere. "She prays enough for us all," said her mother-in-law. The church saw more of her than did her children.

She obeyed authority, suffered the abuses of her medical treatment. It gave time for reconciliations, but at what cost? Permission given, she died of cancer...several years after the disappearance of the woman who had been my mother.

Unresolved are the issues of the church's conduct. At my Mum's funeral, only I was forgotten. A month later at my Dad's funeral, the church was more concerned about their loss than that of the family.

The picture is a doom painting...but who's?