I have metastatic breast cancer. I coped very well with the primary diagnosis 13 years ago and this painting reflects my feeling during the past 2 years and for months after the secondary diagnosis. My first thoughts on waking every morning were that I was being hit by a sledgehammer with cancer written on it. After 10 years of being OK there was utter despair and hopelessness. Eventually the grief process gave way to some sort of acceptance. Which is where I am now.

I have tried to paint some of the things that have helped me, a new awareness of beauty of the sun, sky and flowers and my walking boots. The mountain is one of the many I have climbed, including the three highest in Britain, since secondary diagnosis. My walking boots have also taken me trekking in the Himalayan foothills. (More mountains and trekking being planned).

The black splodge to the right is my future.

I am a time-bomb waiting to explode.