The painting is called 'Bobbing along' just floating along in the water. Going in and out with the tide. Not really making any plans for the future. Just taking every day as it comes. Living every day as if it was your last day and putting as much into it as you can. Happy to wake every morning, to breathe in the fresh air, to walk the country lanes. Seeing Spring coming to life. Seeing the Autumn coming, smelling the bonfire and the end of the long summer days.

May God give me the grace to keep living, and yet to see another sunrise and a beautiful sunset. To hear my grandchildren laugh and to enjoy the world and learn, as I have done.

How wonderful life can be for free.

To watch the birds fly, to see the river run. These are all God's wonderful gifts for free. It will be here when I'm gone, still for others to enjoy. So God, please keep smiling on me and keep me well, to enjoy this wonderful life. I feel it's sad that one has to have a life threatening illness to live life to the full. It is only when something is threatened - that one really sees the importance.