In this workshop I had permission (my patients not present) and was able to colour feelings without words and form my 'soul' rather than the blend of head and soul. But again the images were representative of both my personal life and my professional life. I could not separate them, I could not see one without the other.

I painted the yellow circles first; light - love. Then one face - the loneliness of suffering - Then the tears; the small tears are those that brim over, and I feel I have permission to show, to share. The large tears are those not expressed as both a professional and as a mother/wife. Tears of suffering, tears of sadness, tears of anger. But within these tears are yellow windows; windows of opportunity, to search, to ask, to share, to grow, to gain and blossom.

There is gold/yellow also in the face emotional/spiritual growth. Even in suffering there is hope. And then to paint, with hope, freedom, spirit, healing - a large area of healing colours blending together, encroaching on the yellow light, i.e. love.

Again I come back to balance!

suffering - hope
memories - dreams
anger - acceptance
sadness - joy
work - family
pain - love
adult - the child within
dark - light

Colouring feelings, whether focusing on suffering or on hope/love, was overwhelming - both emotionally and physically. I could feel the emotions within me - where I hold these feelings (where drawers are open or locked). I then needed to return to paint the yellow circles again and to lighten, to sooth the suffering in the face. This illumination, this light, was it something bigger?

For myself I have needed to write more in-depth notes - it is not 'all for sharing'.