The picture I painted was of myself in a knight's helmet with my arms enfolding my children. I was trying to protect them from the rain falling and the wind blowing through the trees. Behind me were the parts of life that I know I cannot shelter from. Each part had five aspects, one for each of the senses, sound, touch, sight, smell and taste. Most of the parts that I painted were about emotions, like fear, pain, all the bad things that were in my mind at the time, because I was surrounded by the many people who were so poorly. The most prominent part with five aspects, was sickness. This was exactly how I felt when I painted the picture, 'helpless'. My sister and I were able to comfort each other when I explained my picture and this helped to take away a little of the pain I was feeling and she let down her barrier for a short while. Being in Sussex is a time we shared together and my sister was happy at the hospice. Thank you for allowing this time together. My sister is quite poorly at the moment, and although she is in the crowd of figures in the background in my painting, she really is my soul mate, my true friend.