The soul painting, I found quite difficult to deal with, to release what is inside. The squiggly bits at the bottom are anger, and things I don't know. The pointy bits are peace, flying away, like the little bird, which is how I see the soul. There is a real sense of release despite the angry bit. This blue, I'm very keen on blue, I don't wear it very much, just a little bit and turquoise is my favourite colour. They remind me of the sea, so beautiful. Having cancer makes you realise how precious things are, especially your family and nature and love. Often you don't feel these things when you are well. Sometimes you need to have a big thing to contend with, in order to release the feelings, which are deep down. It can be positive and not negative, and most of the people that I have met feel positive. They haven't been moaners and whingers; they have just got on with it. The main thing is to have a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning, joy. Some people never have that in their lives.