By Wally, from Touching the Rainbow


"I think the art is excellent because so many people are locked within themselves and that prohibits recovery... Art is the freedom of expression that can be the outlet of pent-up emotions… I hope it will be universally accepted with hospitals and cancer groups everywhere, this is a real aid to recovery."
Ann, MAP Foundation workshop participant published in Touching the Rainbow .

Based on Michele Petrone’s work, the MAP Foundation is running workshops using art as a medium through which to explore and understand the emotional impact of life threatening disease. The workshops are aimed at the patient, their families, carers and healthcare professionals.

Michele transformed his cancer experience through artistic expression. The Emotional Cancer Journey – the exhibition and book – shows his journey through an illness which affects thousands of people.

Michele’s paintings, workshops and residencies had a major impact in helping people recognise their own feelings and come to terms with the complex and painful issues that arise when facing, or caring for someone facing, a life-threatening illness and the possibility of dying.  He found that this participation would often lead to an increased sense of control and a reduction in the isolation felt by patients and their families and an opening of communication at every level with healthcare professionals.

The MAP Foundation, inspired by Michele’s work, is again running these workshops in hospitals, hospices and day care units using therapists who worked with Michele.

Dr Jo Shawcross, palliative care consultant at St Wilfred’s Hospice writes, "Sometimes it is difficult to find words to express the depth and intensity of feelings that arise when working with patients with a terminal illness.  MAP Foundation workshops can help reach, express and understand those feelings which can be healing in itself and lead to a greater understanding of healthcare professionals' role in accompanying the patient, and family on their difficult journey and also value the unique strengths of those working within the team."

To find out more about setting up a MAP workshop please contact: [email protected] .