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Published: 2021-09-12 11:30:10
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With I phone X, apple is introducing a new identification that will replace touch ID. I phone is locked until we look at it and it recognizes us. Nothing has ever been simpler, more natural and effortless, we call this face ID. Face ID is a system that identifies us and unlocks phone when we look it. And here is the technology behind face scanner and eye scanner used in I phones.

? Most of the components that face ID utilizes are located in the top front part of the phone. In fact apple managed to squeeze in quite a few different things. Besides the standing front- facing camera a microphone, speaker, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor, it also has an infrared camera, a flood illuminator and adopt projector. And this is something that apple is calling the TRUE DEPTH CAMERA SYSTEM. The last three components are those are the ones to necessary for face ID to work. When we glance at I phone, the FLOOD ILLUMINATOR lights up our face and this is done using INFRARED LIGHT which is invisible to the human eye. Once the system detects the position of our face the DOT PROJECTOR clicks in. This component is reported to shoot 30,000 infrared dots on our face in order to create a unique 3D map of it.
? Since this is done with infrared technology that should mean performance in low light situations which is often pointed out as a concern should not really be a problem. The infrared camera captures the 3D pattern created by the dots which is used to create a mathematical model of our face. That model is then checked against the one that was previously set up on the device. If it is a match, we will be identified, the phone will unlock and we will be granted access to the particular action that we wanted to engage in.
? The backbone of this system is located in the A11 bionic chip, which includes a 64 bit CPU with six cores. In this two high performance cores are called MONSOON and four energy efficient cores called MISTRAL. But it also includes dedicated neural network hardware, a NEURAL ENGINE as apple calls it. It is able to perform 600 billion operations per second and it is used for machine learning process. Machine learning process are necessary for face ID to work the way it was intended and that is the interesting part. Because besides remembering our face and unlocking our phone once it recognizes it. This identification system is supposed to utilize the neural engine in order to adapt and learn about changes on our face. So in theory it should be able to recognize us if we were wearing glasses, a hat or if we change our hairstyle, grow a beard etc. According to apple that facial recognition information is stored locally in a secure and cleaves on the apple A11 bionic chip and not on the cloud. This is reported to act as a dedicated coke processor. Coke processor is one which has its own encrypted memory secure boot process and a random number generator. Of course this is not the first time that the face recognition is being implemented in a Smartphone. But the I phone 10 is the first phone to use the mention type of 3D technology and neural networks to get it done. When we take something that works like touch ID and replace that with hardware. That has not really been utilized yet on Smartphone’s. We are goanna to deal with skepticism. The face ID that we all saw during the Big Apple event is not very reassuring but we are going to have to wait until.
In eye scanner there are two types of scanners.
Retina scanner scans inside of our eyes which means that the reading has to be performed from a really close distance. Iris scanner on the other hand recognizes a person by looking at their iris. The iris is the part of our eye that determines the color and since a reading of an iris can be done from a greater distance. Having an iris scanner on a I phone makes much more sense and it is more convenient. Everyone has a unique iris pattern; the iris scanner reads this pattern and translates it into code. This digital code is then compared against whatever is on database and if there is a match we have been recognized the iris scanner itself is kind of a normal camera. But it is extra sensitive to near infrared light when our iris is being scanned. It is illuminated with this kind of light because it exposes the iris much better.
We really need face scanner and eye scanner on our phones. Well most of us use fingerprint readers because they are fast, reliable and cheap. In fact that face scanner and eye scanner have tested are not better compared to a good old fingerprint reader. Iris scanner doesn’t work if we are holding the phone too far away from our face. On the other hand iris and face scanners can be seen as more secure. Besides fingerprint readers don’t work well when our finger is dirty or wet. So many would find face and iris scanners more reliable. So in conclusion we are not sure if the face and iris scanners on I phone is going to become an instant hit. But if enough people like it then I phone will make sure that the technology is perfected to use in future generation.

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