Abstract— Now a days we frequently listen the word Home automation HA Paper

Published: 2021-09-12 15:05:10
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Abstract— Now a days we frequently listen the word Home automation (HA) everywhere. Because it reduces the human load and can operate easily, cost effective. We have different technologies in HA namely Bluetooth, WIFI etc. With the help of these technologies control the appliances such as television, fridge etc automatically. For operating the appliances, we use smartphone or PC or laptop. In this paper we detailed a survey on different home automation using IoT that is, how we are going to control home appliances (switch ON/OFF) with the help of Bluetooth module, WIFI and Ethernet. And also control the voltage levels and also voice based home automation with the help of NLP. A Comparison of different home automation systems is done.
Keywords— Home Automation, WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, IoT (Internet of things), Arduino Board, Mobile app, NLP (Natural language processing).
The main purpose of this survey paper is to present the different Home automation systems using IoT that are currently available. In home we have various applications like fridge, fan, light etc it is very easy to operate all these appliances in our smart phone which reduces human work load. We control the appliances (switch ON/OFF) using Bluetooth module (Indoor environment) and Ethernet (Outdoor environment).
Using WIFI module, in this along with switching ON/OFF appliances we also control the voltage levels i.e. We can control speed of fan, intensity of light etc and also status of our home by using different sensors like LM35(Temperature) sensor, Rain sensor and LDR (Light dependent resistor). And also voice based home automation with the help of NLP (Natural language processing). Here we interact with home appliances by voice commands. The main motive of this system is to save electricity and easy to use the home appliances. According to the survey we found that Home automation is helpful to physically disabled people and old people.
2.1. Mobile Based Home Automation using IoT.
In this paper the author designed two prototypes (a) Home automation using Bluetooth (Indoor environment). Arduino board (AVR ATMEGA328) is programmed to get keyboard input and control home appliances connected to its output ports. Since Arduino board doesn’t have an inbuilt Bluetooth module an external Bluetooth module is used. HC-05 Bluetooth module is used for establishing connection between Arduino board and smartphone. CDAC smart home mobile app is used in smartphone for operating home appliances. To get the status of the home applications we use Light Emitting Diode (LED) RED-OFF/GREEN-ON. HC-05 Bluetooth module is interfaced with Arduino board by connecting Bluetooth transmitter to Arduino receiver and vice versa. LED’s anode connected to Arduino pins and cathode to ground and Bluetooth, Arduino grounds and their VCC’s are connected. When mobile app launched Arduino board (AVR ATMEGA328) gets paired to smartphone with the help of Bluetooth module. Arduino board receives data from mobile app via Bluetooth connectivity. Here data gets verified respective LED status changes either to ON/OFF state. Bluetooth connectivity range is 10-20 meters so cannot used in outdoor environment.

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