Advice to the youth by Mark Twain Paper

Published: 2021-09-10 11:40:07
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In the essay “Advice to Youth”, Mark Twain an American Writer states some advice the deems necessary for children to learn to grow up he develops this claim by first making clear he was asked to write an essay so it would be “suitable” for young people some “advice” or “instruction”. The he uses a humoristic and sarcastic approach aimed at a teen audience. For example, “always obey your parents when they are present” which doesn’t necessarily mean they should obey their parents but do it when they are around. Another example is “Most parent think they know better than you do” the word that is a key point in this line Is “think” which means that parents may think there right but it doesn’t mean they are. The author also develops this claim by telling the teens that it’s okay to make mistakes and hopes they can carve their own path to success but with this remember to give their parents complete control. Next, he discusses the subject of respect. If someone offends you “simplify watch your chance and hit him with a brick” it’s okay to want revenge, but it is necessary for you to take responsibility for your reactions. Twains says it is important to ensure your reputation remains decent to do so you need to wake up early and go to sleep early it will make you punctual and strength character. He also gives advice on the power of firearms he states to refrain from them at all cost they are not a toy even if a weapon seems to be unloaded you never know the true possibility that it just might which can end not only your life but someone else, he develops this by giving an example although not with a tragic ending still the same amount of impact weapons could cause. Twain purpose is to provide honest real-life approaches to certain values without undermining common family values in order to convey a message to a less developed teen mind. He established a humorous and sarcastic tone for the teen audience to be entertained and feel closely connected to the speaker. This work is significant because Twain takes a different approach to teach teen on certain values, he doesn’t undermine the family household but points out that you as a person need to make your own path and to keep in mind certain aspects on how that path is shaped. For example, be respectful and its okay to seek revenge but do it in the right time and make sure to take responsibility for your actions. Another example and by far the most important is to not play with firearms for they are not a toy it doesn’t matter it is not loaded they are dangerous and can ruin many lives.

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