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Published: 2021-08-31 23:50:14
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Alex Schmidt
TB Film and RR
1) The term consumption is another name for tuberculosis (TB) and came from the ancient Greeks language. The term consumption was used to describe the disease of TB because it completely consumed a person life who was infected by TB. Tuberculosis consumes people’s weight and consumes family members due to death and suffering. Tuberculosis makes a person’s life a lot harder than a person’s life without the disease.
2) Before TB was known as a disease that kills it was looked at as beautiful because it made people beautiful and thin. However, after it was learned that tuberculosis was easily transmitted through the air through things like coughing and sneezing, people with the disease were looked down upon and deemed dangerous. The individuals who were infected by the disease were threats to society and putt communities at risk for high speed spread of the disease.
3) European people always looked for a scapegoat when disease spread through cities. Jewish people were usually the easiest target. During the Black death Jewish people were blamed for contaminating wells and were later locked in their own homes and persecuted for something they did not start. Again, during tuberculosis Jewish people were looked at as dirty and poor which usually mean they had the disease. The Jews were the minority and were very easy for people to point fingers at.
4) People were not equally treated during the anti-TB campaign. People of lower class felt obligated to move out of the cities and move to less contaminated air communities where they were able to thrive away from the disease. Whereas higher class people with the disease were able to choose what they wanted to do and have a little more leeway to stay in their community or move away. For the lower class the safety of the community trumped their individual rights. In Mary’s case this was very similar she was sent away to an isolated community where she would not get anyone else sick, but it definitely infringed on her individual rights.
5) At first people believed that you needed to get out of the diseased city and find a place with “cleaner air” to become healthy again. Instead they needed better living conditions, they needed to keep their streets and communities clean. They needed to improve work conditions, improve sanitation and ventilation systems. They needed to keep their city clean and plant trees to keep their air clean. Most of the expansion on the western side of the United States was due to large amounts of people moving away from their homelands to find cleaner air in places like California and other western states.
6) People infected with tuberculosis were sent to sanatoriums and often liked them and felt at home. These sanctuaries were almost like vacation homes some called them “cabins in the woods” they were able to see the great outdoors when they were sent to these isolation cabins. The people sent to the sanatoriums were very different then Mary Mallon’s situation. Mary felt she was being sent away to isolation and had no idea she was ever sick where as people with TB knew they were sick and didn’t want to get the people around them sick as well. Mary Mallon was not actually sick herself she was just a carrier and she did not understand that a person could be a carrier without actually being sick themselves.

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