An Internship in Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Paper

Published: 2021-09-12 07:50:09
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Since, I was a child chemical reactions and the magical colors they produced fascinated me to know the actual reason behind the process. When in the 9th grade I was introduced to the subject of chemistry, I was instantly attracted towards it and its contribution for the benefit of mankind in the field of pharmaceuticals, fertilisers etc. My interest towards chemistry from 11th class onwards gradually increased manifold as I gathered deeper knowledge of the subject. As the syllabus increased, the subject was divided into physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. I got to know that I was keenly interested in organic chemistry especially the biomolecules and enzyme catalyzed reactions and mechanisms. In my 12th grade I secured 94 percent marks in the subject which reflects my keenness towards the subject.
I was determined to pursue chemistry in my graduation and got admission in Kirori Mal College, Delhi University which is prestigious college of chemistry in India. I was motivated to capture a vast number of new topics to expand my spectrum of chemistry. I studied various topics of analytical chemistry at my college with a highly competent faculty guiding me in acquiring new skills like various types of titration, gravimetry, crystallization, UV-Vis and IR spectroscopy, chromatography, qualitative and quantitative analysis of various carbohydrates, sugars and proteins and several other techniques to understand pragmatic approach of chemistry. During my graduation, my desire to absorb the knowledge and concepts of chemistry got intensified. Therefore, I decided to further study the subject.
To increase my horizon in chemistry, I also did an internship in Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal (IISERB) a premier research institute of India under guidance of Prof. Sangit Kumar where my project was “conducting thiol assays of Tellurium iodide, diphenyl diselenide and reduced unsubstituted monoselenides”(synthesized by the junior research fellows working there) to estimate their potential in providing oxidative stress or oxidizing tumourous cells. It was an enriching experience to me working alongside experienced faculty and research fellows. This experience and exposure at IISERB provided a further impetus to pursue the subject.
I intend to study chemistry in Germany as it is one of the best countries in the world for higher studies in chemistry due to its well equipped universities having good laboratories, libraries and eminent faculty. Besides, Germany is one of the safest and peaceful countries in the world with optimal studying and working environment.
After learning imperative chemical skills techniques in my masters, I would like to work as a research professional in the subject of biochemistry as I have a keen interest in the chemistry going on inside our body or I would like to be associated with pharmaceutical industry which would provide me with a suitable platform to apply my skills and knowledge in the subject and to further gain a proficiency in work. I also intend to understand various aspects of modern techniques of spectroscopy like AAS, AES, NMR, IR, UV-Vis and separation techniques of chromatography like HPLC, TLC and gas chromatography. I also want to get a deep insight into drug chemistry and drug designing to possibly attempt to formulate more efficient drugs with negligible side effects.
On learning about your esteemed university through the website and the course curriculum, I have discovered that this well balanced course suits my desires and interests. I am sure that studying in the university of this stature will further enrich my knowledge and skills in chemistry. It would provide me with a unique blend of lexical knowledge and practical exposure and your able and experienced faculty would catalyze my learning process. In addition, highly stimulating atmosphere of your university would provide me with further will and optimism to strive for excellence and satisfy my cherished goals. I thank you for providing opportunity to express my viewpoints. I hope that I fulfill the criteria for admission in your university.

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