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Published: 2021-09-02 14:05:14
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The product that I am working for is a healthcare industry which mainly focus on collecting patients bills using EPIC workflow. The initially we were using Trust commerce software which is integrated with EPIC but currently this is replaced with PaymentMate software. PaymentMate solution helps the Health Connect staff to do patient billing quickly. I am responsible for working in a team of 8 developers and develop and test the core features to add more detailed and additional features to it. My other responsibilities include, supporting the rotational on-call support for the services (sometimes off hours), working with other QA teams for all stages of testing, work with the Product managers and marketing team and gather requirements and delivering the product on time, meeting all the requirements. I am also the subject matter expert for the issues which gets monitored off-site and maintaining and supporting that service completely.
Existing Methodology
Agile techniques endeavor to limit chance, (for example, bugs, cost overwhelms, and evolving necessities) while including new usefulness by building up the product in emphases that are little additions of the new usefulness. The advantage of different cycles is that it improves effectiveness by finding and fixing deformities and desire bungles at an early stage. At present we pursue agile technique as the improvement procedure. Agile procedure is one of the product advancement approach which is based on working together exertion of self-arranging and cross utilitarian groups and their clients. Agile strategy pursues the procedure of versatile arranging, ceaseless advancement and act of spontaneity, early conveyance procedure, and fast and adaptable reaction to regular changes and mistakes to accomplish the end deliverable item. Agile systems can be of various kinds as beneath:
Scrum- The Scrum Master fills in as a facilitator for both the Product Owner and the group. The Scrum Master includes no expert inside the group (along these lines couldn’t likewise be the Product Owner!) and may never resolve to take a shot at sake of the group. Similarly, the Scrum Master additionally isn’t a facilitator, on the grounds that (by definition) self-sorting out groups should co-ordinate legitimately with different groups, offices, and other outside substances. Scrum is a standout amongst the most prevalent scrum programming procedures. Scrum pursues an iterative methodology and spotlights on characterizing and structuring the essential highlights of the item before the sprint in a sprint arranging. Sprint arranging limits the mistakes and lessen the dangers while giving snappy conveyance esteem. In a Scrum procedure, Product proprietor speaks to the voice of the clients and item partners. The essential job of item proprietor is to guarantee that the colleagues increases the value of the total business. They essentially characterize the item includes, make the item excesses, organizes them likewise and so on. Scrum Master encourages the group to dispose of blockers. The advancement group in scrum structure plays one of the real jobs and in charge of conveying a possibly stoppable item toward the finish of each sprint cycle.
Kanban- Kanban is another well-known structure used to actualize lithe programming advancement. Kanban requires ongoing correspondence between the colleagues and the executives and full straightforwardness of the works that should be finished. The total advancement process is imagined in a Kanban load up, which enables the colleagues to see the status of the work anytime of time. In contrast to scrum, Kanban centers around consistent conveyance while not overburdening the advancement group. It conveys persistently and get quick criticism to make the fundamental changes while expelling the blockers, improving the improvement procedure and diminishing the process duration.
Sprint Planning- For the advancement procedure, we pursue scrum approach. We have a 2 weeks sprint, where the entire advancement group, item director, scrum ace assembles in a similar room. The item director clears up the item prerequisites and scrum ace compose the story for the improvement group. Sprint arranging is a timeboxed meeting for around 1-3 hours which happens end of each sprint. The whole group consents to submit on errands chose from overabundance list as per need and guarantee to convey it on schedule. The measure of work to be done in each sprint is subject to the group’s speed and term of the sprint.
Sprint retrospective planning- In a similar sprint meeting, after we close the present sprint, we additionally have a sprint review meeting. Here we center around talking about the accompanying regions:
• what we did well in last sprint
• what we could have improved
• what should we quit doing?
• what should we begin doing?
• what we should keep doing?
• and the blockers
Sprint review causes us to assemble the group’s proprietorship and improves the group’s general efficiency.
Grooming Meeting- Backlog grooming is the point at which the item product and a few, or all, of the remainder of the group survey things on the backlog to guarantee the backlog contains the proper things, that they are organized, and that the things at the highest point of the backlog are prepared for conveyance. This action happens all the time and might be a formally planned to gather or a continuous action. A portion of the exercises that happen amid this refinement of the backlog include:
• Expelling client stories that never again seem applicable
• Making new client stories considering newfound needs
• Re-evaluating the overall need of stories
• Redressing scales considering newfound data
• Split the complex user stories into smaller user stories to avoid the complexity.
Development process- Every developer is allocated a few assignments for each run by their ability. For assignments that requires to have further talk on administration engineering, or arranging or how it ought to be planned, we as a rule have developers meeting sorted out, as required. This is where just the colleagues take an interest and talk about how the administration ought to be intended for instance or how the engineering should resemble. This is once more, not a gathering that happens each week but rather composed as fundamental. For the majority of the situations, where its identified with a noteworthy administration changes, or planning something new, these gathering centers around increasingly granular subtleties and how it ought to be tended to remember its future extent of extending with innovations.
We additionally have an everyday scrum stand up meeting, which typically keep going for around 7-15 minutes. In the day by day stand up meeting, each colleague talks about what they took a shot at in most recent 24 hours, and what they are getting down to business on next 24 hours and if there are any blockers or changes in necessities. This additionally gives an unmistakable image of the present status of the errand and talk about on any up and coming blockers that should be tended to.
Our improvement group likewise is cross-useful and agreeable. The greater part of the advancement group sits together and mindful of the assignments that the other colleagues are taking a shot at. These aides in clear correspondence at whatever point required, as opposed to sitting tight for following day or next gathering to address the issue.
After the sprint begins, colleagues begin taking a shot at their chosen undertakings. One we are done on the code execution we make code surveys and that gets audited by every one of the developers in the group. When the code audit is affirmed, QA and test engineers run the computerization tests and combination test to ensure the acknowledgment criteria has been met and move the story to finish/done status.

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