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Published: 2021-09-05 06:00:16
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I was able to achieve the following results and draw the following conclusions by the end of my internship:
1. Assisting the new joined employees in their joining formalities and onboarding process.
2. Helping newly hired and yet to join candidates over the phone, in completing their pre-hire documentation online to assist their registration and generate their Offer Letter on time.
3. Creating Job positions and requisition ID’s of fresh employees in the system of the company’s intranet system, to further quicken up their joining formalities.
4. Doing day to day work like preparing excel sheets of interview statuses, to summarize candidate details like their branch, product, position, reference details, contact details, etc.
5. Managing OLR sheets (Offer letter Report) to track the statuses of employees’ vis a vis uploading documents for reference and background check like PAN Card, Adhaar Details, Resignation Acceptance, 3 month’s Pay-slips etc.
6. Following up with candidates over the phone to upload their documents online for their background check, before deadline, to avoid late payment of their salaries.
7. Assisting my HCM’s in conducting interviews for various positions in the North Region like, SM (Sales Managers), ASM (Area Sales Manager), CBL (Cluster Business Leader), RM (Risk Managers), etc.
8. Coordinating with my team consisting of HCM’s, Trainees and Helpers (Temporary Employees), to achieve the monthly target of hiring 80 candidates per team.
9. I learned immensely about the work culture in a corporate and how to go about things in a professional manner.
10. I learned the basics of onboarding and joining formalities for new employees.
11. With the help of my Seniors and colleges in the office, I understood the various HR policies of the company and how it’s HR Department functions.
12. My Seniors were very kind and helpful and interacted with me about the scope and opportunity of working and growing in the Human Capital Management field, and its implications in the outside world.
13. I learned the advance features of Ms Excel and Ms Word which I was earlier unaware of, and by virtue of using them professionally more rampantly.
14. I understood the importance of recruiting the right person for the right job, in a large company.
15. Big MNC’s and Private Banks like Yes Bank have different teams, segregated region-wise and with segregated Team Leaders with monthly/ time-bound targets assigned to them.
16. While conducting interviews for various posts in large companies several factors are considered, like the candidates’:
• Family Background
• Reference- either through agencies or employees
• Work Experience
• Targets assigned in previous organisations and departments handled
• Education Background.
17. To work in a coordinated and systematic way as a team, we need to constantly follow up and track the work of our seniors and colleges, and keep a trap of their progress status.
18. I also learned how to divide and organise my time to achieve time-bound results and help my team achieve its overall objectives and targets.
19. I can also conclude after this internship, that HR is a field in which I would further like to pursue my career in.
20. I can also conclude that the HR Department is one of the if not the most important department in an organisation as it not only hires the right people for the right job, but also strives to create and frame policies which benefit the employees and members of the company and create harmony and a positive working environment.
21. I was able to use applications like Ms Word, Ms Excel, Outlook, One-note, MSRA, Taleo, etc, by the end of the internship, all of which are extremely rampantly used in my field, and which will need me to be an expert in.
22. I learned how to behave and conduct myself in a professional manner, in an office.
23. I was successful in developing contacts and networks in a reputed organisation like Yes Bank, which will further prove to be useful to me in my career.
24. I was able to achieve my daily targets as assigned by my HCM’s with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.
25. I was able to enhance my social and communication skills by interacting with various employees of the firm, and spending a substantial time with them by virtue of completing their joining formalities.
26. I was able to learn about various HR policies of big firms’ vis a vis their employee code, gratuity, Provident fund, ID proof verification, offer letter terms, etc.

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