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Published: 2021-09-11 16:40:10
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Of all the other crisis countries face, overpopulation tends to go unnoticed even with the negative impacts that this may cause. The more the people, the faster the climate change because there are more resources consumed. 97% of scientific researchers claim that most human activities are causing global warming and with more humans, there are more human activities which lead to worse global warming.
( RenewableResourceCoalition ) Because more resources are needed to retain the human’s survival. As the law of economics once stated, There are unlimited wants and limited resources and if the number of people keeps increasing while the number of materials stays the same, It will eventually lead to exhaustion of resources.
( ActiveSustainability ) It will also cause farmers to be busier since they’ll have to plant more crops intensively to feed the population which may damage the local ecosystems because intensive farming methods are proven to be harmful. Not only does it deplete the country from resources, but it also endangers tiny animals and insects who live around farms.
Having more people in a country also leads to more unemployment. Because the amount of workers outweighs the number of corporations left to work for which can cause an increased amount in crime as there are fewer people able to support their families and they have to go as far as stealing or doing illegal businesses to be able to financially support them. ( Conserve-energy-future ) While there are plenty of countries like Japan or South Korea struggling to increase their fertility rate, China is one of the countries struggling to keep it down by implementing the one-child policy, distributing free condoms and giving students better sex education in schools.

Cheap labor
Printed on clothing tags or the back of most things we purchase are the words “Made in China” and the reason behind this is China’s cheap labor force and their lack of enforcement of labor laws. China’s greatest competitive advantage is that they have highly-skilled workers who aren’t given a high salary and average workers who are paid under minimum wage. These features attract foreign investors, large corporations and new businessmen with a low budget to start and build their business in China and ‘exploit’ the workers. China’s low labor cost is one of the ethical issues that China has to resolve. The low labor costs correlate directly to China’s massive population. The tremendous amount of people available to work makes job-searching tough and some fresh graduates and desperate people would accept any job with low pay or even unhygienic work areas just as long as they can hold onto the job. The people who come from poor families tend to work overtime just to earn more money, but even without the overtime request, they would be forced into doing the extra unpaid labor.
Large companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Google tend to have one goal in mind, and that is to earn more profit which motivates wealthy corporate owners to exploit Chinese workers. Because of China’s lack of enforcement in labour laws and their huge population, these crimes tend to go unnoticed by the government. While creating products that we use for our daily life like smartphones and laptops, Chinese workers are faced with hazardous and toxic working conditions which may lead to stress and depression. Factories overwork and take advantage of the cheap labour in China and some workers who had enough are lashing out at the unfair treatment by throwing riots, threatening to burn certain companies and causing chaos.
Child labour
The labor abuse in China has gotten so bad that even children are used as domestic servants, child beggars or child prostitutes in China. Because of the one-child policy and poverty in China, Some unfortunate parents who are dismissed by their jobs and are unable to find a new job are forced to give their child up for the sake of allowing them to survive. The one-child policy per couple was proven to be ineffective and has recently been amended but some parents have already given up their offsprings before the rule was amended. While 12-year-olds usually wake up to go to school every day, 12-year-old children in China wake up to work in factories and create products that other citizens will have the satisfaction of buying instead of doing what normal children are supposed to do. For a long time, China has engaged in the use of child labor, giving workers a salary which is way below the international standards and unsafe work environments especially in major cities such as Dongguan and Tianjin, where most child workers are said to be caught working illegally.
Child labor is a problem that has been ignored for a long enough time and it’s only recently that the Chinese government is trying to investigate and punish those who turn innocent children into child prostitutes, Rapists in China can get their penis cut off ( TheStudentRoom ) and are also punishable by death. Although the Chinese government has started taking action for the unforgivable crime, there’s no denying that child labor will cease to exist in China as long as the cheap labor remains.
In the process of industrialization and making their way up to having one of the best economies in the world, China is notoriously known to be one of the most polluted countries in the world and all the blame can go to the Chinese government. Once again, because of the cheap labor, many foreign investors decide to build their company in China and since there are so many investors building up factories, it’s no surprise that the air pollution in China is stacking. Each multinational company and government-supported projects are contributing to China’s pollution and lack of trees. Not only is China’s air polluted by toxins, but their water has also been contaminated. Adding to China’s list of “Issues to fix” starting from air pollution, water contamination, poverty to soil erosion.
Air pollution
To quicken their economic growth, China has relied on burning a huge amount of coal to generate more electricity, which is one of the main causes why China is suffering from so much air pollution.
The air pollution in China has gotten so undeniably worse than in late 2013, China’s former minister of health, Chen Zhu published a news article claiming that around 350,000 to 500,000 Chinese citizens die in a year due to the unclean air. The article also stated that air pollution is considered the fourth leading cause of death in China after heart diseases, malnutrition and smoking. Because of the bad pollution clouding China’s air, China’s neighboring countries such as Japan, the United States and Korea have reported receiving pollutants from China. Scientists cited that ‘Asian air pollution ( Mostly China ) contributes as much as 65% of an increase in Western ozone in recent years.’ China airlines has been hit by airpocalypses too many times and citizens have been complaining about the smog covering most of Harbin, China. Yong Gonghuan,
( Chinapower, 2017 )
a professor for public health at the Chinese Academy of Medical scientists cited that the polluted rivers in China are linked to Cancer. The WHO ( World Health Organization ) tracks the air pollution from each individual country to find out how it affects our heart and how it may lead to lung cancer, cardiac arrest, stroke or other respiratory diseases. China’s AQI ( Air Quality Index ) in 2017 shows that the air was mostly hazardous or unhealthy.
Chinese citizens have complained and expressed their negative feelings towards the public health hazard and while these citizens are complaining, Entrepreneurs and companies take the chance to sell more products by selling air quality products. The demand for air quality products have gone through the roof, 3M, a Chinese company discovered that their sales improved more than usual when it came to selling air purification products. Some companies even go as far as collecting Canadian air and importing them to China for $14 to $20 per bottle. While the ‘bottled air’ may come in handy for some people, It’s believed that this will not solve any issues. The possible solution for air pollution is filtration instead of the imports of ‘clean air’
People in Beijing have invented several solutions to fight the worsening air pollution such as the 7-meter tall “Smog Free Tower” which is a building created by Dutch designers with the Chinese government’s support or the newest air purifier invention in Xian which was built in 2017. After the building was built, Chinese citizens sited that the air quality has improved little by little.

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