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PG -180691
Faculty of Technology
Guided by:
Ms.Sejal Patel
Mr. Saswat bandyopadhyay
[Faculty of Planning]
1 | P a g e
Given smart city: Ahmedabad
? Municipality: -Ahmedabad municipal corporation (A.M.C.)
? Total area:-466 km2
? The following smart city indicators are taken for Ahmedabad smart city
Sr No. Indicator
1 Water supply
2 Education
3 Economy and finance
4 Solid waste
5 Transportation
6 Safety
7 Slum
8 Sewerage and drainage
1. Slum:
? Total population: 55.77 lakhs
? Slum population: 4.49 %
? Under smart city initiative development regarding slum:
? On basis of area based development the wadaj slum area is going to be
redeveloped (approximate area is 75 acres with max 3 FSI)
? Approximate 5000 slum families will be affected from this plan.
? Approximate 8000 houses are provided. (Min 25 sq. m –as per govt. policy)
Critical review on that:
? Currently Gujarat government is more focus on slum redevelopment
programme,(including its own scheme –MMGY(Mukhya Mantri Gruh
Yojana) which would be improve the quality of life of slum people.
? The current progress on this work is slow, so it will be affect the estimated time
to complete the project.
? Under the Area based development at Wadaj TOZ will generate more
employment to that area.
2 | P a g e
2. Water supply:
? (%) population coverage water supply – 90 %
? (%) of house hold with access to the tap water directly from treated source –
80.12 %
? Water treatment plant -4
? Water distribution stations -143 nos.
? Amount of water consumed by city’s population – 1190 MLD
? Average water consumption per person is – approx.187.33 litres/day
? Water trunk mains -250 KM
? Overhead tanks (141 NO) -62.69 ML
? Under the smart city plan, the water meters will be installed & monitor it on
regular basis, with that the wastage of water is reducing. (Because the
government will charge on meter reading basis, so people will try to avoid
using more water).
3. Solid waste:
(%) of the house hold waste water outlet connected with drainage – 93.10 %
4. Sewerage & drainage:
? Existing Sewage Generation per Day: 800 MLD.
? Population Coverage: 85%
? Area Covered: 90%
? Sewerage Network: 1750Km
? Storm Water Drain Network 732 Km
? Total Drainage Pumping Station: 45Nos
? Sewage Treatment Plants: 09Nos
? Treatment Capacity: 1075MLD
? Nos. of Pumping Machinery Installed: 222Nos.
? Under the smart city initiative the government proposed new waste water
treatment plant & improvising internal utility network. ( ABD -Under TOZ
wadaj -385 cr & under wadaj slum RD – 451 cr)
3 | P a g e
5. Transportation: (city transportation)
? AMTS : Ahmedabad municipal transport service
(Based on 2005 data)
? Services km/day -77411 km
? Buses per lakh population -11
? No of passengers per day -349653
? Bus accident per lakh km- 0.72
? Vehicle availability:
? Government introduced the latest technology with existing system
(buses).this project is mostly completed & the current system is updated
with GPS,smart card system or e ticket system & etc.
4 | P a g e
6. Education:
? Literacy rate – 88.39 %
? Reaming parameters are as follows:
? Under the smart city mission government is introducing the smart education
system i.e smart board, computers.
5 | P a g e
7. Economy & finance:
? GDP of the city – 65 billion ( 2008 data )
? GDP per capita – approx.7727 rs.
? City’s unemployment rate – NA (state rate -5.5 %)
6 | P a g e
8. Safety:
? Police personnel per 1lakh population – 120
? Violent crime data: 2016
? So, for reducing crime rates & improving the safety of citizens, government
is implanted a no of cctv cameras.
Critical review:
? Under smart city mission, govt allotted 1 cr for new surveillance cameras &
107 cr for improving existing surveillance system.
? Very less amount is allocated for new cameras, the police personnel per 1
lakh population is requires 168 but currently it is 120.
? Also there are number of factors are involved but currently major factored covered in
this document.

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