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Published: 2021-09-12 14:00:09
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Section A
Digital divide is a term that refers to the gap between demographics and regions that have access to
information technology and those that don’t or have restricted access.
Factors affecting digital divide are:
? Skill and knowledge
Some people here in South Africa don’t have reading s kills because they did not get a chance to
attend schools and some don’t see the need of using technology devices. I think this is happening
because these people think that technology is only for young and educated people.
? Language barrier
The majority of Sout h African citizens speak African languages as their home language (some don’t
understand English at all) . The barrier that they are facing is that tec hnological devices are
developed in English which obviously make it hard for them to use the devices.
? Phys ical disability.
Still it is not easy for blind people to operate computers because most affordable computers don’t
have screen readers and the one’s that have are very expensive. However the Internet, is totally
inaccessible to the blind and visually impa ired people , because screen reader s are unable to read
the graphically based web page s.
One can have a cellphone or computer but to use internet you need data bundles which very costly
in this country. This is another factor that causes divid e, some people cannot afford to buy data
bundles every day/week.
How to narrow the divide
? The government should build telecentres where people who are not computer literate will be
taught and motivated about this new technology. There should also be some people who will
go to schools and motivate learners about technology skills.
? Cellphones, computers or any other ICT device should have translation option. For instance
Google and Facebook has started by putting a translation option, this is very useful because
if one doesn’t understand a word they just translate it to their language.
? Wireless technologies and ICT infrastructure should be introduced to learners whilst they are
young so that they grow to become more technologically advanced regardless of their
Group discussions
No one commented on my discussion but I did repl y to three students as we were instructed. Firstly I
replied to Rhulani Inky Hlangwane giving an idea of being introduced to digital divide at an early age.
My second reply went to N MHLANGA who said some people don’t afford to buy data bundles,
citizens should be given free Wi -Fi. My last reply went to N MHLANGA who mentioned gender, men
are still dominant when it comes to technology.
-barriers -five -solutions -closing -the -gender -gap -in-ict -policy/
Section B
Proline NANOWARE D420 Desktop computer
? Windows 10 operating
? Microsoft office
? 4GB RAM ? Pdf Reader
? 500 G B hard drive ? Windows media player
? Bluetooth, Wi -Fi ? VLC
? 5 USB ports ? Adobe acrobat reader
? Processor: Intel Core i7 –
Adaptabilit y- since this desktop has Core i7 processer it will allow me to multi task without affecting
the speed that the computer operating with .
Generative capacity – it will be easier to upgrade it if I need to. If I need more space I can change the
internal hard drive and put one with bigger space.
Transferability – this proline desktop has Bluetooth that I will use to transfer files from the desktop to
another device.
Leverage – with 5 USB ports I will be able to connect external hard drives for bigger storage or I can
connect my cellphone if I want to transfer files from the desktop to my cellphone instead of using
Bluetooth that will take tim e when transferring .the desktop also
Ease of mastery – the 15.6 inch screen is w ide enough for watch ing movies or view ing pictures. Also
the VLC media player is a very good application when watching movies, since it allows the user to
minimize/maximize the size of the screen.
Participatory -It can be used by multiple of people, if nec essary, and has to be set up with multiple
user accounts. This desktop comes with Windows 10 which provides a user -friendly interface for
easy interactions and this operating system has applications such as media player.
Affordability – it is reasonably af fordable at only R5 999.99
Group discussions
Many students who chose second choice of the assignment were choosing notebook as their new
PC but those who replied on my discussion were agreeing with my statement except B KELLY who
said lapto p is affordable than PC but also one thing that he/she loved about Desktop is that it is
easily upgradable and normally it last longer than laptop.
-proline -s506ua -z5 -82508a -desktop -black/PLID48776120 .
-proline -pc -i7-7700 -8gb -1tb -w10 -pro -3yos -ppci7781w10p –
HP launches iCommunity
project in Limpopo
• -report/economy/hp -launches -icommunity –
project -in -limpopo -779863
• An ‘HP I -Community’ project “is designed to address individual community
needs, including: technology access, education and learning opportunities,
employment and job skills, community building and increased civic
involvement, and economic development.
• Limpopo Province and Mogalakwena Municipality were selected because of
the vision and commitment of the leadership and community stakeholders to
partner with the private sector to invent new tools and services that will create
social and economic growth.
• The projects started by 2002 and it was completed by 2003
• SOLUTION: HP’s emerging market solutions team worked with local
community members to develop optimized solutions to improve literacy, create
jobs and expand access to government, education and health services. HP has
also installed computers in the area which are used to improve literacy and to
enable the community to get access to government services such as healthcare
and education.
• STRENGTH -Over 20 community computer access centres have been
established and more efficient access has been established by means of fiber
optic cables, wireless -radio and satellite. All centres have computers and
employ people trained to use and facilitate access to computers and the
• WEAKNESS -HP had no solutions to the challenges of sustainable
development. However HP, senior vice president Debra Dunn said that with
deeper and stronger partnership they can offer greater potential for achieving
true sustainable development success.””
Partnership –
• HP partnered with the provincial and local governments, to co -invent
solutions of addressing the community’s specific needs.
Initiative –
• Mogalakwena iCommunity
• How did the initiative work
The Mogalakwena iCommunity effort began with a three -year memorandum of
agreement with the provincial and local governments signed just prior to the
1. What are the ethical and IPR issues
that the faculty are confronted with?
The issue that the faculty are confronted with is the
issue where by students copy other people’s work, and
they produce it as their own .This issue is called
2. What are the steps that the faculty should
take to address the ethical and IPR issues?
•The faculty should teach students about plagiarism.
•The faculty should teach students about information that are subject to copyright restrictions on
the internet.
•The faculty should have workshops where they address students for the danger of plagiarism
and that more of the internets have copyright ..
•Plagiarism can result in legal action; fines and penalties etc.
3. If you were the student who copied and was
caught for plagiarism, what are the consequences
you would expect?
•The faculty may destroy my work and give me a zero.
•Plagiarism is regarded as theft, therefor I may face legal action.
•I maybe suspended for the period of time at the university.
•I may be given a warning.
•I may face disciplinary probation.
•All my work can be revoked, including qualification.
• :// -of –
• -of -plagiarism /.

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