During my time as a GOIIES Scholar I want to join the Paper

Published: 2021-09-06 15:45:21
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During my time as a GOI-IES Scholar, I want to join the Commerce & Economics Society. It is Ireland’s largest and oldest business-oriented university society. Besides that, it is sponsored by KMPG which is one of the leading firms in Ireland. As an experienced exam affiliate from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, I am confident that I would have a better opportunity to connect and establish ties with key people through this bona fide society. The networking with the well-established persona in the Irish industry, particularly with KPMG, will give me a first-hand experience to popularise the Irish approach to the internationalisation of business.
Through my partaking in the family start-up, I have always maintained a keen interest in the functioning and importance of local start-ups. I have come upon the realisation that at this pace of globalisation, the survival and thriving of home-grown enterprises is essential for a country’s home economy. These establishments not only provide employment opportunities but they also carry forward the culture and tradition.
While I am relishing the educational opportunity of studying in Ireland and personally experiencing the Irish ethos, I want to use this valuable time to appreciate Ireland’s luscious home economy. I can achieve this by getting to intimately learn the working behind Ireland’s most popular resident businesses. One such venture that caught my attention is the Avoca Clothing Stores. Although it was founded in 1723, it is still widely renowned for its clothing brand for the longest time, despite competition from several global brands such as Dunnes Stores, Tesco PLC, and Spar. I believe that there is always a different take in learning from these establishments that one may not find in multinational organizations. For instance, the Avoca Stores ensured that each new store maintained the essence of Avoca’s brand through its cultural outlook and concurrently showcased its new ideas.
With the passions as mentioned earlier towards local start-ups, though it’s a long way from now, I know that having received the high quality of education with this prestigious scholarship, I would continue being a dedicated GOE-IES Alumnus. As an aspiring consultant, I aim to deliver effective business and strategic solutions for the company’s clients. And likewise, I intend to provide these solutions to home-grown companies who can’t afford it at a meagre price or free of cost.
As a successful GOE-IES alumnus, I would be enthusiastic in supporting the home country from where I have received such a respected education. I intend to do so with my long-term objectives. Firstly, through my professional acquaintances and the network, I secure with the people from the industry, I plan on working to get established corporations to have a long-standing agreement with local ventures. In a way that will not only benefit both the parties in the long run but Ireland as well. Last but not the least, my goal is to invest in a local enterprise promoting sustainable development as a symbol of gratitude towards the hospitality and generosity of Ireland.

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