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Published: 2021-09-13 07:05:10
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Healthcare costs is usually foremost in mind when wishfully considering which spending costs we as citizens would prefer to cut. The average politician would disagree however, preferring to cut spending on general healthcare/ welfare needs. However, this is a commodity that is in high demand due to want because of scarcity. The grand debate is whether there should be total government offered and funded healthcare or should it continue to be privatized for profit. One side argues that “healthcare for all is an impossible dream”, others say it is an “inalienable right”. But how to pay for it. One side argues that with a limited amount of funds to allocate, there needs to be a choice. Some say increase taxes on the rich. Others say less funding of military ventures. In terms of opportunity costs, some politicians seem to think that there is more gained income in areas such as arms purchases in the Defense Department, to benefit the military for example because the financial gains are more immediate and when successful operated, the field results seem more rewarding in terms of gaining land or imposing military and governmental muscle at home or abroad. Sustaining healthcare is more long term beneficial because it supplies the “boots on the ground” needed to operate or oversee the implementation of the arms needed in the Defense department.
In order to increase or sustain the healthcare system, I also would argue, because it I propose a more immediate fix. Comprehensive immigration. There is no spending involved on the part of the government and it injects immediate income into the system from the taxes being infused by these persons, who as per present laws are not able to immediately draw from the coffers of the health system. The undocumented workers are already supporting the financial system. Government may choose to impose or increase fair taxes of those that take advantage of the new immigration status if they choose to “punish” those persons as “law breakers” or better yet, increase remittance fees for those sending currency back to their homelands. This increased remittance fees would add more money into the present economy and it also allows the US more elbow room from having to send actual tax dollars to those economies to prop them up, since those persons would be able to send such dollars there themselves.
This proposal thereby “kills two birds with one stone” as it were. It would build up the healthcare system thereby forwarding the medical benefits for US citizens and it would offset foreign aid spending to poorer countries. Legalizing these people also helps stave off long term migrant waves because increased income into the foreign homelands stabilizes those economies. and the added income injected into the US economy would solve the needed cash flow crisis being currently “belly-ached” about.

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