Ever since I was young I was exposed to business and understood Paper

Published: 2021-08-30 02:20:07
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Ever since I was young, I was exposed to business and understood that business is a web that encompasses
the whole world. My intuition to learn about various things started in my schooling days. I started going
deeper into everything I perceived and heard of- right from understanding the company to analyzing their
business models. Some of them were the business cases like that of the famous McDonalds, Ford, Tata, US
Polo, Lamborghini etc. After multiple continual analyses, I comprehended that each business adopts a
different strategy for growth, expansion, market penetration, customer outreach etc; but the man behind
this show is “Strategist”- who advises the right strategy to adopt. Since then, I wanted to become a strategist
who masters the business development in any sector. I believed I can do this, and with complete dedication
and smart work, I worked towards building myself to achieve my dreams.
While I was in my under- graduation, I learnt about public administration; operation of international
businesses and related business administration. My consistent academic record, appreciable communication
skills, persuading & management skills, imbibed confidence in achieving my dreams. These elements
provided me broader vision and outlook, with varying degrees of knowledge in a range of topics/ sectors and
laid a strong foundation towards my technical & analytical capabilities.
As I graduated, I took up career in ‘overseas education consulting’, and over the years, after my ‘mettle’ was
tested to cope up with the stiff competition that I faced while assisting my Manager in business development,
I have sailed through different companies and took up roles like Manager, Business development lead,
Counselor (student- relations). My dedication and zeal to learn the gimmicks of business; toggled with
excellent presentation/ communication skills; human resource management, motivated me to handle any
situation with ease and get business for the organization. As John A. Shedd quoted- “A ship in the harbor is
safe, but that is not what ships are built for”, I tuned myself to be agile and prompt in developing businesses,
looking out for collaboration/ partnership. My job demanded me to step out of my comfort zone, handle
myself/ environment/ peer pressure and maintain serenity. In this journey, I had exhibited exemplary skills
in developing & implementing apt strategies for business development with Universities & aspirants across
the globe and generate revenue for the organization.
With my strong network, great efforts and smart work, I was able to get a classic deal with four Canadian
Universities in a short time period that became a game changer in my profession. To achieve this
collaboration, I had to work on analyzing the universities better. Post which, we came up with a strategy that
involved various types of approach, due- diligence, SWOT analysis, potential business deals, highlighting the
grey areas and accordingly offering solutions for their business development etc. The independent state-ofart approach did add value to our analysis & catalyzed our success in closing the deal with these universities.
This deal helped me understand that there are a lot of factors that actually control market penetrationespecially global market penetration, and that irrespective of the business chosen, there is always certain set
of political, social, economic aspects that influence business. This unlocked a new perspective in analyzing
businesses/ deals with deepened understanding of core business, pragmatic approach that can set positive
strike- rate in different nations, policies, establishing business, deciding the right strategic approach for the
client, financial and managerial changes that the organization might undergo while adopting agilemanagement processes and so on. Indeed, this deal also gave a paradigmatic shift to my career path!
My thirst to quench my quests’ on international business management and global strategy drove me to
pursue management course. UK has always been one of the best countries to offer management course, and
hosts most of the best B-schools. “If you don’t have big dreams and goals, you’ll end up working for someone
that does”. The remarkable academia profile that your university possesses; excellent course content; worldclass research facilities; accreditation; impeccable teaching approach; reputation of your university and
renowned faculty, has motivated me to apply to your university. Your education standards have been proven
to be easily competent with other countries and has been offering plethora of opportunities for students.
The contribution that you had made to the students through well-defined curricula, academia and pragmatic
exposure has been invaluable and the efforts were highly appreciated by all. Perhaps, most of my colleagues
and friends had recommended me to study at your university, as there has been significant track record of
the students who have groomed their career in a much more fruitful manner. I am confident that studying in
your university will catalyze my passion and groom my career in par excellence. It would be an honor for me
to pursue my international management course from your university. It also gives me assured confidence
that I will be able to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals under the able- guidance from the professors
of your university; and the degree you offer me will leverage opportunities to excel in the highly competent
market. I take this opportunity to let you know that I will come back to my country to serve my motherland
after I complete my education.
I believe that my credentials are found worthy your admission and look forward for an interesting/ rewarding
future at your university.
I appreciate you taking time to review my application and sincerely thank you for considering my application!

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