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Published: 2021-09-12 16:40:09
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TOC o “1-3” h z u TASK 1: PAGEREF _Toc22032703 h 2COMPARISON BETWEEN US & TANZANIA: PAGEREF _Toc22032704 h 2FAMILY LIFE: PAGEREF _Toc22032705 h 2WORK: PAGEREF _Toc22032706 h 3TASK 2: PAGEREF _Toc22032707 h 4WRITING TO A FRIEND: PAGEREF _Toc22032708 h 4EDUCATION SYSTEM: PAGEREF _Toc22032709 h 4LIFESTYLE: PAGEREF _Toc22032710 h 5FAMOUS PLACES OF INTEREST: PAGEREF _Toc22032711 h 5BIBLIOGRAPHY: PAGEREF _Toc22032712 h 6
TASK 1:COMPARISON BETWEEN US & TANZANIA:USA or US is the abbreviation of the United States of America. It is located in North America and it is the fourth-largest country in the world. Its capital city is Washington D.C. Tanzania is located in East Africa. Its capital city is Dodoma. The family life and work of Americans and Tanzanians differ a lot; however, there might be some similarities too.
FAMILY LIFE:The family life in Tanzania is quite a different in terms of working and raising children, in Tanzania the women are considered to stay home and raise children while the men earn, whereas, in America, there are a higher percentage of women working and men raising children, but men also work in America. Family life in Tanzania is still similar to the old generation where raising children is still expected to be an occupation for women but Americans are advanced in terms of family life because women have the opportunity to work and not stay at home and raise children. (NRIOL, 2019)
In Tanzania majority families are extended especially in the rural areas, this is because men are the head of the family and major decisions are taken by them, and the wife earns respect by having children, however, extended families are rare in America. Americans are devoted to education, employment, and leisure, and they also have more knowledge on family planning compared to Tanzanians, because Tanzanians are uneducated and women don’t play a role in decision making, therefore, they must abide by their husbands decisions which lead to having many children in the family leading to poverty. (The Free Media of Tanzania, 2019)
There aren’t many similarities between Tanzanians and Americans’ family life, the only similarity is the wedding, both the countries weddings’ are in different in terms of religion and traditions. They may vary in culture but both countries follow their wedding tradition in terms of the above. (Planet, 2019)
WORK:America has skilled labour and In order to work in the USA, one needs to live there and have a permit which is also known as a ‘Green card’ or ‘Work visa’. Whereas in Tanzania there is more of unskilled labour due to lack of education, where men lend a hand in the heavier tasks while the women do the lighter one, this includes the children of the family to lend a hand in daily errands. However, girls are the ones who often have a huge burden of work compare to the boys. (Everyculture.com, 2019)
When applying for a job in America, the requirements are Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter, in contrary to the application requirements to Tanzania, the same applications are needed, (The American Dream, 2019)
Overall, America’s family life and work are considered to be more advanced compared to Tanzania. They both differ in terms of their family life and work in their own ways, where Tanzania is backward and unemployed and America is employed and way more forward.
8th October 2019.
Dear Saamiya,
Hope you are doing well? The aim of writing this letter to you is to inform you on what you will need as it is your first time visiting me. I hope you acknowledge my letter. I’ll start with introducing to you about the country.
United Kingdom is a country located in the West of Tanzania its capital city is London. It is a nice place to visit, just that there are many differences because you are coming from Tanzania, so it might be a little difficult for you to adapt to the environment. As this is your first time I would brief you a bit on the lifestyle, interesting places to visit and the education system. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2019)
EDUCATION SYSTEM:The UK education system is divided into four parts: primary, secondary, further and higher education whereas, Tanzania education is divided into six parts: primary, middle, secondary, vocational and tertiary education. In UK, children of the age of 5 years start primary education until the age of 11 years, after the completion of primary education children start their secondary education at the age of 11 and complete at 16 years, during secondary education children take GCSE’s syllabus and move on to further then higher education. (International Student, 2019)
The education in Tanzania is free up to fifteen years, and primary education lasts for seven years and after completing primary education they move on to middle education and thereafter to secondary education – Cambridge syllabus. After secondary education they move on to vocational education this is the stage when students attend private colleges and last stage is tertiary education which takes around three years which have studies regarding engineering, humanity, environment and social sciences. (Scholaro.com, 2019)
LIFESTYLE:The UK lifestyle is different compared to Tanzania. UK has a lot of restaurants serving different types of food – traditional, cultural and western food as well as in Tanzania. Supermarkets with cheap options for lunch and snack and many more things which are needed whereas, in Tanzania there are a few options of supermarkets where you can get everything under one roof. The weather in the UK is cold and chilly where temperature can reach to 10 degrees Celsius while the temperature in Tanzania ranges from 25-31 degrees Celsius. The public transport in UK is much better and convenient to get from one place to another but in Tanzania the public transport are always crowded which leads to difficulty in enjoying the scenery. (Englishuk.com, 2019)
FAMOUS PLACES OF INTEREST:Lastly, there are many places to visit in both the UK and Tanzania. Tanzania has more of natural sightseeing compared to UK. Tanzania has places like: Mountains; Mount Kilimanjaro & Meru, National parks; Serengeti & Selous National park, Beaches in Zanzibar, The Ngorongoro Crater, islands and many more, whereas, the UK has: Tower of London, British of Museum, London Eye and much more. (Dearsley, 2019)
I would suggest you to plan your trip accordingly so that you can enjoy the sightseeing over here.
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