FPGAs are increasingly used in modern imaging applications Paper

Published: 2021-09-12 10:45:11
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FPGAs are increasingly used in modern imaging applications, image filtering [68,69], medical imaging[70,71], image compression[72-74], wireless communication[75,76].The drawback of most of the methods are that they use a high level language for coding. This objective lead to the use of Xilinx System Generator, a tool with a high- level graphical interface under the Matlab, Simulink based blocks which makes it very easy to handle with respect to other software for hardware description [75]. There are many research works related to image processing and its real time implementation using XSG which uses high end hardware similar to the one used in paper [76] by Sami Hasan, Alex Yakovlev and Said Boussakta et al, complicated design used in paper [77] by Zhang Shanshan et al, but the proposed design in this work eliminates the design complexity, takes least resource usage and also implemented in low cost basic FPGA device (Spartan 3E).
Improvement of successful and competent automated systems that can identify the cancerous matter or nodules in early stage is very helpful and vital because premature detection and analysis may guide to the enhanced and correct treatments and thereby shrink the mortality from the lung cancer and develop our healthcare services too. In this paper we have addressed 68 publications on various phases of automated systems. The modern trend, technical aspect and methodologies have been paying attention with their restrictions and effectiveness. In the major phase of lung segmentation the technological issues and challenges have been discussed with number of research articles and the common technique are categorize such as threshold, active contour, shape, etc. based approach are reviewed with their accurate validations. In nodule segmentation and classification phase the difficulty related to different nodule types are discussed. Then the recommended solution to each type of nodules in recent studies proposed by different authors has been explored with their scientific validations. The research made in this paper are based on the referred articles but being a challenging area of research, the automated systems of lung cancer necessitate more awareness and studies headed for this emerging field. The Xilinx System Generator tool is a new application in image processing, and offers a model based design for processing. It also offers an ease of designing with GUI environment. This tool support software simulation, but most significantly it generates essential files for execution in all Xilinx FPGAs, with the parallelism, forceful, speed and automatic area minimization. These features are essentials in real time image processing.

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