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Published: 2021-09-10 13:30:08
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Kate Atkinson enjoys her omnipotence as a writer. In her novel “Life after Life” (2013, dt. “The Unfinished”, 2013) [Lesen here my review of Kate Atkinson: “Die Unvollendete” on books Rezensionen”
Teddy already played in fiction carousel ‘Unfinished’ multiple roles. In II. World War II bomber pilot was shot down over Germany. His whereabouts were no reliable news. Now we learn that he survived. After a prisoner of war in Germany he returned unharmed back to the UK and married his childhood sweetheart Nancy Shawcross (notwithstanding the fact that they had been regularly murdered in Ursula’s many CVs).
Shaken by unspeakably cruel war operations had Teddy vowed that he should enter “after”, “lead steady, uncomplaining life” a wool and try going to “be kind” ever. First, he works as a teacher, later published as “Agrestis” columns in a journal from the beautiful country life. The former bearer thousandfold fire death now takes everything down with pragmatic, patient, good-humored composure. he keeps his personal opinions and feelings in favor of a contemplative life back.
To him even donated his creator while many years of life, but no luck. In marriage Teddy does not find the hoped-for fulfillment. Her only child, viola, develops warped from the mother and spoiled, a real brat. After Nancy’s early death from cancer is Teddy care responsibly for his daughter, without being able to ever win them over. She hates anything and everything, what he wants to inflict upon their good intentions, is ungrateful, aggressive, sloppy and dirty, even carefully cherished in dealing with Teddy’s books.
The “tyrant” with “a stony heart” is Teddy’s counterpart and life testing. Restless she seeks happiness without finding it. As a mother of two children neglected it appears at least as monstrous as they had behaved as a daughter. They never learn “how to love” and no one, not even her children, she loves. It remains lonely and distraught. Nothing gives her stop in her misery and her childish longing for maternal warmth. “I want my mother,” she whimpers in the seasoned age of sixty years.
Since Viola Romaine has long been one accustomed to success, popular especially among women best-selling author. Her novels are full of autobiographical references, of messages to their hated father. But with him their works find little favor. To be taken seriously in literature, she holds next project a “war novel” in the eye. Her father’s memories were a good foundation. But Teddy is now one of the hundred years an exhausted vegetating beings. Viola has placed him in an affordable nursing home – and this place is a hell on earth
“Glorious times.” – the German title sounds much more sarcastic than the original ( ” a God in Ruins
Although the world Teddy’s opinion, “was a better place than the Men did not show their feelings, “Teddy does not transfigure the warlike past. Although he holds steadfastly convinced that in the relentless attrition and retaliation strategy of General Harris (and thus its own missions as a pilot of a Halifax bomber) was lawful and fair ( “he would do it again”). with a lack of understanding he takes out how politics and public opinion increasingly distance themselves from the devastating effects of inordinate bombing German cities and their civilian population. For these highly dangerous actions Teddy and his comrades who risked their lives, and more than half of it lost. But Teddy understands the questions and doubts.
In this controversial policy question concerns the narrator, incidentally, no position. Your descriptions conceal or gloss over anything – on the contrary: You never misses cruelty. But she does not judge. It occurs behind their hero Teddy back, do not cut him the floor. Only in the epilogue, the author expresses outspoken about the bombing as a “strategy that started with the best intentions,” then escalated as “an ever-open maw that never got enough.” Your book is, however, “a novel that no polemics, […] and, accordingly, I leave it to the Figures and text to express the doubts and ambiguities.”
The narrative time starts with Teddy’s birth ( 1914) and ends with his death (2012). His resume is deployed on an epic scale, all family members (parents, siblings, daughter and grandson) are included. But “Teddy’s war” is the driving force of the novel. For those who suffer it, it leaves lifelong traces, and even on future generations, he throws his shadow. Kate Atkinson has promoted extensive research in surprising details to light, to technical construction details, so that the scenes from the air as on the ground convince the reader, shake and shock. Sometimes appear their descriptions as bitter and sarcastic, grotesque exaggerated fiction and yet reflect the actual horrors of real war events resist.
If the reader confused “The Unfinished” with the incessant variation of the action, so he asks in ” glory days “the game over time. Although key periods and episodes establish a rough section structure (Childhood: walk with her aunt; 1944: Teddy goes before his last mission the airfield from; after 1980: Teddys grandchildren; 2012: the nursing home …). But that is superficial and not binding. Because the narrative jumps to furious manner between episodes of the past or the future, and then again in the train of thought of the actual time continue.
Kate Atkinson is reflected author. It is important to her to “let authorial freedom” is sufficient. Roman letters she learns as a semi-conscious, half-driven process in which plot and imagery, literary traditions, references to Visited and experienced, develop a life of its own. She believes “that all novels are not only fiction but also of fiction act,” and asks: “Each category that limits should be discarded.” This includes the chronology.
Atkinson novels provide unusual, captivating reading experience. solid on the firm foundation researched facts fills the author sides with rich details that can simultaneously their imaginations run wild, looking in the forward march back again and again and at the same time has the look far into the future. The pre-references often remain mysterious until later further information subsequently files. Near the end we almost overwhelmed an unexpected turn.
“Glorious Times” is a brilliant, ambitious novel. Kate Atkinson writes with mild spring and yet refined, full of wit, irony and melancholy. With spitzzüngig-critical undertone she presents her characters in their living environment and the trends of their time with all the excesses. Scot no one sticks to it.
This book I think the list Zu 20 Lieblingsbüchern”

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