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Published: 2021-09-11 05:30:09
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Good morning and welcome back to Lights, Camera ACTION. This is Scarlett Smith and Jack Woozay. Today we will be interviewing Angelene Poll, the director of the new upcoming musical, based on the age-old favorite, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare? Really? How are kids today supposed to relate to something that is centuries old?
I’m glad you asked! Shakespeare will always be relevant. The themes in Romeo and Juliet – love, conflict, tragedy, family expectations, fate, impulsive love-struck teenagers, are still current and relatable. Without even knowing, we quote Shakespeare every day! He has influenced the English language in so many ways. If you have ever said, ‘in a pickle’, ‘It’s all Greek to me’, ‘tongue tied’ or ‘hoodwinked’, then you are quoting Shakespeare.
Why should audiences come and see your production of Romeo and Juliet when everybody already knows the story?
Audiences will love the way I’ve reimagined the play. For example, I decided to twist the play, into a contemporary musical. I knew that twisting this age-old favorite would have its challenges, but I was determined to make it fresh, and I am excited for the public to experience this wonderful show. The whole cast has put their blood, sweat and tears into the production and it has incredible energy on stage. I know audiences are going to love it!
What inspired you to change the original play into a contemporary musical?
I decided to change the classic Shakespearean play to a modern musical because I wanted it to feel fresh and unexpected. I wanted it to be as exciting as it was when it was first written and performed. Music has an incredible way of uniting people and telling a story. Given that musicals are so good at reaching wider audiences, I thought it was a great way to introduce Shakespeare to people who have always thought it wasn’t for them. I thought the music would help convey the story where sometimes the dialogue can be challenging for some people. I was aware that there were many challenges I would face in the making of this musical, particularly with music selection. There was so much pressure to create songs that could stand up to such a well loved and known play.
In detail, can you tell me about your favorite scene/song in the musical?
What a hard question, Scarlett! That would have to be Act 2 Scene 2, the famous balcony scene. I wanted this scene to have as much passion and emotion as it did in the original play, so I decided to write a slow song that conveys a sense of longing. I did come across some difficulty in the making of this song, as it was hard to incorporate some key aspects from the play into song form, such as the famous metaphor, ‘Arise far sun and kill the envious moon’ or the well-known metaphor, ‘Who is already sick and pale with grief’. In the end, the scene was beautiful, and I feel the song is a true reflection of the original scene.
Which scene was the hardest to compose a song for?
Most certainly Act 3 scene 1, the tragic death of Mercutio occurred in this scene. This scene is so crucial to the story, some people say it is the turning point, it is such a climactic scene, I decided it would need a song to match up to that scene and that was what I found challenging. I found it difficult to portray such heartbreak and drama into a song, I didn’t know if I should have a slow song as the scene was so tragic or have it fast as there is great drama in this scene. I decided to go on a limb and mix the two together, starting off with a very fast tempo to symbolize distress and commotion and ending with a slow beat to show heartbreak and emotion. During Act 3 scene 2, Shakespeare uses a great amount of language techniques to add feeling and depth to the play. An example is alliteration, alliteration is the repetition of the same letter at the start of each word, an example is when Romeo says, “O, I am fortunes fool!

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