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Published: 2021-09-02 23:30:10
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Healthy place, A consumer mental health site described emotional health as the state of positive being or living (Peterson). It simply means having more control of how one feels, thinks and acts. This is also an extension of mental health. Due to a history of being abused, just like other mental disorders, there are emotional disorders that can affect one’s day to day life as they move through life. Various Disorders develop overtime and these disorders range from bipolar disorder to psychosis. That’s just a few of the one’s that have a major impact on one’s life, relationships, and self-image if not treated. In most cases, these disorders are treated with medication to keep the victim calm and stable. But does it really help they heal or move past what happen? The answer to that question is no. After talking to multiple people, I found that they still haven’t gotten pass the childhood abuse they had to endure. During my interview with Megan Johnson, she was not only a victim of physical abuse and sexual abuse but, she also witnessed many of her family member getting abused. She had to endure being abused from the age of 7, which she didn’t understand and still doesn’t. Her exact words were, “Why are they being so mean to me? and I did nothing wrong” (Johnson)? It all ended when she was 18. “I had been in and out of group homes and tried multiple therapist, seven of which refused to take me on as a client because of my history of abuse” (Johnson). How do you think that made her feel as a victim of abuse? Emotionally she has never been the same. She couldn’t talk about when it was going on because no one believed her, and she couldn’t talk about when she was seeking help because no one in the profession could handle her story. So, when the opportunity presented itself, she didn’t feel like she would be heard. She dealt with it on her own and still is. Being a victim of abuse is not easy when you can’t even talk to the people who are supposed to be there to help you deal with these suppressed emotions. Megan, found herself to be abusive to her own family, having more trust issues than she began with, and even self-esteem issues as she got older. Once the victim is treated for these illnesses, it helps the victim to not only be able to communicate those feelings, but to also help them process things better and learn how to cope with the daily stressors of life.

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