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MHRM, H2218
Abstract : Ongoing IT problems in OrthoSynetics hindered continuous delivery of effective
customer services. Without the anticipated speed and reliability of IT, customer complaints
grew and service renewals were in jeopardy. Adopting a new approach to switch from ex isting
systems to the Azure cloud, all servers / applications had to be migrated, effectively replacing
physical infrastructure. SoftwareONE developers have been asked to partner with
OrthoSynetics to design a new cloud architecture to help transform the Azure cloud platform.
The positive move was made within five months with significant improvements in the reliability
and performan ce of the system. Perhaps significantly, the move led to a significant increase in
customer satisfaction and retention.
OrthoSynetics combines orthodontic and dental care with professional business services,
including consultancy, marketing, sourcing, financial analysis, collection, accounting, and HR
/ payroll. With 250 offices across the US, they are a full -service provid er designed to ease
backroom problems and allow them to concentrate on customers and service offerings. They
help clients to build a competitive edge, reach a financial advantage, and help them develop
their client’s business plans.
2. About Microsoft Azure
Azure was introduced as Windows Azure in 2008, Windows Azure is a flexible, open cloud
computing platform. Windows Azure enables applications to be rapidly built, deployed and
managed across Microsoft’s global data center net work. Windows Azure supports application
building using any tool, programming language, or framework and also helps to integrate the
existing IT environment with the public cloud applications. PaaS , IaaS , S aaS are the most
remarkable services of Microsoft Azu re. Windows Azure can provide a platform for building
apps to cater to business needs, irrespective of whether it’s a small company that wants a
worldwide Website or a large enterprise from across multiple continents, which has to run
server workloads.
2.1 Win dows Azure services
? Compute services
? Virtual Machines offers a general -purpose computing environment where
VM’s running in the Windows Azure cloud can be built, deployed and
? Web sites provide a managed web environment in which new websites ca n be
created or the existing business website can be migrated into the cloud.
? Cloud Services enable widely accessible and almost infinitely scalable
software to be designed and distributed using almost any programming
language with low administration costs .
? Mobile Services provides a turnkey solution for the development and
deployment of apps and data storage for mobile devices
? Network services
? Virtual Network enables Windows Azure to be viewed as an exten sion of your
on -site datacenter.
? Traffic Manager : The 3 key ways in which users can direct application traffic
to Azure datacenters are round -robin, best performance, and Active / Passive
failover configuration.
? Data services
? Data Management facilitates the management of business data within SQL
servers, either with Microsoft SQL server VM’s, NoSQL Tables through REST,
Windows Azure SQL databases or BLOB storage.
? Business Analytics makes it easy to discover and optimize data through Microsoft
SQL Server Reporting and Analysis Services and Microsoft Share Point Server
Azure services
services Data services App services
running on a virtual machine, Windows Azure SQL Reporting, Windows Azure
Marketplace and HDInsight, Hadoop Big Data Implementation .
? HDInsight : This service is based on Hadoop from Microsoft and provides the
Cloud with a 100 percentage Apache H adoop solution.
? Cache: This service offers a distributed caching solution which can speed up the
application in your cloud and reduce server load.
? Backup helps to safeguard the server data offsite using Windows Azure automated
and manual backups.
? Recovery Manager aims to protect critical business services by handling the
replication and retrieval of System Center 2012 private clouds at a secondary
3. Challenges
OrthoSynetics has faced continuing problems with its internal IT systems. They have not been
able to consistently provide quality care to their patients in managed hospitals across the US.
They have not been able to ensure reliable IT services or provide customers with the speed and
reliability they need to run their companies. The legacy network, located in the Dallas data
center, was outdated, complex, inefficient and had numerous support issues. The infrastructure
for 450 + virtual machines and on -site Citrix systems has been difficult to handle. Some of the
solutions bought have never been applied. Some of them had no aid arrangements. Staff has
responded constantly, trying to fix problems as they have arisen, with no time to address
structural triggers. Frequent unplanned maintenance, combined with customer complaints, has
become the norm. Most notably, there were serious business questions about potential client
sector consequences, with 50% of the portfolio set t o be extended in 2018.
Estimated OrthoSynetics costs of improvements to existing systems, permits and support
functions at their location data center reached beyond $2M. And, they can bypass proprietary
internal infrastructure to switch most of their on -sit e workloads to Azure. Chris Loar, the
current CIO, saw this as a philosophic distinction, and that the shift to a cloud approach would
make IT more focused on providing business with added value. It would also provide the stable
and reliable services that consumers needed. Knowing the current world was the first step in
Azure’s move. Having had previous experience with SoftwareONE’s skills and strong
relationship with Microsoft, Loar invited SoftwareONE to come up with a proposal to design
and develop a forward -looking cloud strategy. SoftwareONE proposed a staggered p roject
which started with an exploration followed by a CloudBase process in which the SoftwareONE
team would partner with OrthoSynetics partners to design a new cloud architecture. They will
draw up a detailed relocation strategy. And the final phase of Cl oud Migrate will migrate
databases in a scheduled sequence designed to meet the objectives and timeframe required by
As the transition from OrthoSynetics to Azure began, SoftwareONE held customer workshops
to identify the basic cloud infrast ructure specifications. This helped to create the criteria of the
traceabili ty matrix & included licensing asset inventory and configuration data. The findings
have become a high -level conceptual design document resource specifications, test documents
and project strategy. Working closely with OrthoSynetics employees, SoftwareONE launched
the Cloud Migrate process to create detailed plans for sequencing planning and cutting through
workload. When migrations have been completed, 450 + virtual servers have been reduced to
less than 100. A comprehensive and detailed development document recorded all configuration
items as they were developed. Integration testing was carried out as all client -facing servers /
apps were eventually migrated.
“After a great deal of hard work by our team, the immediate and very positive customer
reactions were very rewarding,” said Loar , current CIO . “A typical reaction was ‘This is
amazing.’” A final workshop provided handover deliverables and plans for an ongoing
managed services support model. “We are no longer in the data center business,” said Loar ,
current CIO . “Now we’re able to re -direct funds to focus on application development, investing
in custom applications and mobile solutions that add value for our customers.”
Citrix -hosted orthodontic system moved from on -premises to Azure
Storage 30 TB
Users 1300+
Cloud provider Microsoft/Azure
Compute 90 VM hosts consolidated from 450+
• Quality a nd reliability of products guaranteed
• Increased customer satisfaction, trust and retention
• System turned from disadvantage to competitive differentiator
• Totally up -to-date licensing and maintenance with annual operating savings of
• Reduced per sonnel and system management time
• Critical system problems reduced monthly average from 54 to 3 – 95%.
• Performance issues decreased on a monthly basis from 215 to 9 – 96%
• Trusted SoftwareONE strategic partnership
The competence and profession alism of the SoftwareONE staff had bought value and expertise
in line with the expectations of the company. The successful transformation of IT service with
azure cloud made within five months with remarkable improvements in platform relia bility and
performance and this led to high customer satisfaction and retention . With the help of
SoftwareONE and Azure the company have transitioned their IT from costly and unreliable to
affordable and stable.
-Case -Study -OrthoSynetics -Azure –
Cloud -Migration -2019 -01.pdf
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