HSCI 1130 Foundations of Health Science Paper

Published: 2021-09-11 16:05:08
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HSCI 1130 Foundations of Health Science

Assignment – 1
Social Determinants of Health in Our Community
Name – Harveen Kaur
Student ID – 100303874
Instructor’s Name – Dr. Alexis Palmer – Fluevog
Community is a place where a group of people living in a same place or share some characteristics such as interests, attitudes, beliefs and goals. As I belong to Sikh family and we all share a common living place where not only Sikh families, but other religious families are also living together. It is in Punjab, India and community named as Amritsar. As Amritsar is known as Holy city because there are so many temples situated especially Golden Temple, one of the famous temple in the whole world; Durgiana Mandir and some of other temples also. It is in the Majha region of Indian state, Punjab. According to the census of 2011, population was 1132761 and because of huge population rate it is known as second most populous city of Punjab. It is situated in northwest side by 217 km of state capital Chandigarh and 455 km of same side of New Delhi, the national capital CITATION Cen12 l 4105 (2011, 2012). Amritsar is located at 31.63’N 74.87’E with an average elevation of 768 feet. It has a semiarid climate, typically experiences four seasons i.e. winter, summer, monsoon and post monsoon seasons where temperature ranges from 0’C to 42’C and has annual rainfall about 681 millimetres CITATION Nat14 l 4105 (Administration, 2014). It has a sex ratio of 884 females per 1000 males and 9.7% of population are under six years old. There is difference of 6% in literacy rates of both genders as males has 88.095 while females have 82.09%. One famous thing about this community as it has diverse population means people of different religions are living together either they are Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims or Christians and this stated that “No Particular Religion” is living here.
Here are some social determinants of health:
Income and Social Status: As we know that the health inequities are created by unequal distribution of power, money and resources CITATION Wik18 l 4105 (Wikimedia Foundation Inc., 2018). In every community, there are two three types of social status: rich class , middle class , poor class and in my community only poor class people have bad health as Governing bodies don’t provide them basic facilities of health because of poverty or we can say that those people are below poverty line so nobody is interested to provide facilities to them because other classes think that they are superior than those poorest social status is being a major thing in my country because nowadays due to advanced technology and other advancements, people are judged themselves and their other siblings according to their income and outer appearance and hence they gave name of social status to these things especially noticed person’s monthly income. It stated as more income, more stress; Less income, less stress. Stress is also created by these two fundamental things. This is a negative impact on health because community is made up of all living beings either rich or poor, so their health is also important as even one person who has disease also has a bad impact on community’s health.
Social Support Network: It is a network of support provided by family, friends and community. In other words, time that is spend with family or friends like get together party in community. This is a best thing that is seen in my community as everyone helps other people as for survival we need oxygen, this is also same case for living happily we need social networks of support and social means the things or surroundings(people) that are near to you. I want to give my own example here once my family went out of community for 2 weeks and I was staying alone because of my exams and at that time I became ill as nobody was with me ,at that time my friends and neighbours played a role of supporter as they gave me all facilities and emotional help also so that I didn’t feel loneliness. So, with support of them, I felt good and this has a positive impact on health and good to make social networks because at hard times, it plays an effective role.
Education and Literacy: It plays a major role in heath as education is basic factor to get knowledge about what is good or bad for us. Education helps people to improve their health. Adults with higher education are less likely engaged to risky behaviours like smoking and driving as they are more involved in safe behaviours like healthy diet or exercise. But in my community, people has different thinking about it as they think girls are born only for staying at home or doing household works. They don’t have any right to get education and hence they are not aware about diseases that have bad impact on health. So, this whole thing creates illiteracy among individuals and now this thing has decreased, and people gave same rights and place of equality to women as same as men.
Physical Environment: It includes surroundings, infrastructure, transportation etc. As it has positive as well as impact on health in my country because of advanced technology each and everything has changed. New transportation has replaced old ones that helps individuals a lot and by this they don’t face any type of difficulty. Beside this, new transportation has fuel engines that creates pollution named as air pollution and with toxic gases, people faced some serious health problems like breathing. People faced obesity because of unhealthy and fried food which is full of oil. Government has provided some open space for exercises to keep fit and playgrounds to perform outdoor activities. Some of new muhims(programs) are also launched by governing bodies for welfare of the people like “Nanhi Chaa” means grow more trees, save more girls because my country has a lot of incidents of girl infanticide so that is used as slogan to save girls by growing more trees.
Gender: Biology says about health diseases faced by both genders. As in my community, men faced heart disease by 39% as compared to women of same age group by 27%. CITATION Our l 4105 (Our System:Chicago,Oak Park,Aurora)Women has some personal problems like hormonal imbalance, levels of estrogen etc. and after menopause chances of heart disease will rise. Both genders have their own place in community and have bad impact of their health on community. There is no health disease a single gender has as both have symptoms of every disease.
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