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Published: 2021-09-03 03:35:11
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MBAN 10970
Semester one Essay Assignment
‘Due to recent historical shifts, highly controlled systems of management such as Scientific Management or bureaucracy or are no longer required in contemporary organisations’
Lu Wang
In the old days, Bureaucracy and Scientific Management was popular as workers had no money and social status. Workers are hard to improve their poor family, they had no rights to choose their workplace and condition, so they need to bear the oppress. However, with the time going by, the organizations are not only the places providing works, but also the space where people can communicate more with others and enrich themselves. Therefore, the management systems which are tightly controlled, for example, Scientific Management or Bureaucracy are not needed in contemporary organisations anymore because the formal rules and hierarchy system ignore the moral standards which may hurt the workers physically and mentally; and the work specialization from Scientific Management may decrease the productivity of firms.
To begin with, management system such as Bureaucracy should not continuingly used in contemporary organizations as its inhumanity may result workers to do many negative things such as protest and suicides. According to the characteristics of Bureaucracy, it is easy to be seen that Bureaucracy is run by formal rules and it has strict hierarchy system. All these formal rules instruct how to perform all missions in organizations, and bureaucrats will not waste the time on making decisions by abiding the formal rules. (Cliffs Notes) However, those rules only focus on how to maximize the work efficiency and profits without considering the emotions and physical status of workers. And the hierarchy system divide people in lots of classes and workers who are in lower class have to obey the boss who are in upper class. At present society, there is no difference of the slavery in old days if the employees are controlled by lots of rules. Under this work condition which is inhumanity, employees will be hurt physically and mentally. There is an example from Foxconn which is one of the main electronics manufacturers of Apple. The suicide issues of Foxconn was noticed by public since 2009, in 2010, the number of suicides reached the peak point which was 18 people (14 dead). (Malcolm Moore, 2012) The series of suicides leaded to the rage of workers in Foxconn. They went to Foxconn’s office in Hongkong and had a protest. One of the labours said, they had to stand lots of stress. Although the salary was certain satisfied, the work condition was terrible, employees were overwork and the managers strictly militarized the labours. At the meantime, there were always have violence in Foxconn. The worse thing is, to make sure the so-called reputation, Foxconn asked employees to sign an agreement which was about anti suicide. That was a kind of control of workers’ lives. (William Foreman, 2010) Moreover, BBC News interviewed some Foxconn’s workers who provided the information below. The normal working hours were from 8:00 to 17:30, but many people worked until 20:00; could not go around in non-working place and workers had no time to communicate with others as the heavy work. (BBC News, 2010) In this high-pressure wroing situation, the work efficiency will down and workers will have a high possibility to sudden death. Besides the hurt from formal rule, the strict hierarchy system also threaten the basic human rights of employees. In July 16, 2009, one of the workers in Foxconn Sun Danyong threw himself from the top of the building. The reason was the manager thought Mr.Sun steal the new model of Iphone and let the Guard Team beat and abuse him. (David Barboza, 2009) He had no rights to against with the upper class, therefore he could only choose to die. Through Foxconn suicides, people should aware that Bureaucracy should not be used in contemporary society because it may make people overstressed and feel no human rights in working time. And eventually, people could only protest by death.
Second, instead of playing the proper role in organizations, the usage of work specialization makes firms’ production goes down because it would be hard to replace workers if the they need to leave their position suddenly, and workers may be easier to get bored as doing same work all the time. Job specialization means dividing the whole work to lots of people and each one could be the expert of one part of the work. In another word, each one only knows his own part very well, but if someone need to leave the job, the firms will be difficult to find someone else who could replace the position. The only method is to educate this kind of talents again, it not only waste time, but also decrease the work efficiency. (Durkheim,2009) For instance, all the workers in assembly line have their own job, they are only responsible of one part, therefore, to do their jobs perfectly, workers may improve the one skill only which means workers may lose other skills. As a result, as long as a could not do his job, none of others could replace this position, and the whole assembly line could not work properly. To solve this problem, the firm needs to send much time and money to re-educate a talent. It not only waste firm’s capital, but also low the productivity of the organization. (Victor Lipman,2015) Except that, job specialization will also decrease people’s passion of their work as they are repeating the same pieces of work every day. It is unchallenging and there is no place to make a progress. More important, when people experience the work specialization, they depend on each other but nobody know how to make the works connected which may make workers have no ideas about what they are working for and feel no sense of belongings. If things continue this way, employees may get bored on their work and the efficiency will be less. Chancellor Philip Hammond states that UK worker may cost one more day than German work to finish that same work in 4 days. (Thomas Colson, 2017) It also means workers in UK have a lower work efficiency as boredom and get less pay that workers in other countries. According to a survey from Robert Half which is a recruitment company in 2017, it showed that 36% HR in London complained that the number of people who quit the job kept a increasing trend in recent 3 years. And the amount of people resigned as work boredom account for 35%. They thought the work had no develop room so they quit it. (Thomas Colson, 2017) This could also reflect that only if the employees have a positive attitude for work, they will make great efforts and motivate the development of the company to a bright direction. Hence, “At a time where the labour market is very competitive and highly-skilled employees are in short supply, organisations need to ensure they look after their staff.” Phil Sheridan who is the managing director at Robert Half UK said. (Thomas Colson, 2017) As a result, Scientific Management should not exist in contemporary firms because separating the work may cause a serious irreplaceability of employees and make workers bored on their work. Finally, the company’s productivity decreased and incurs a loss.
Thirdly, there will be a high possibility that the manager of the firm do a wrong decision because of the use of Bureaucracy. Although there are formal rules of the firm, the days are changing, some of the rules are not adapt to the modern society. When the manager making decisions depends on the out-of-date rules, it may be wrong. More seriously, the only thing that employees could do is obey the decision, so nobody could correct the decision, and that may cause a loss of the firm.
Last but not least, without using Bureaucracy and Scientific Management System will make the boss lose control on staffs to gain the perfect status of the firm. When there are no strict management rules and complete hierarchy system, workers will become to desultory and disorder the works. However, this demerit could be solved by making encouragement and having communication. When there is no Bureaucracy, there will be no obvious class natures between staffs and the boss, which means they could communicate to each other easier than before. The staffs could feel free to bring forward their opinions and the boss could say the expectations to staffs directly. By this way, it would be easy to make a friendship between boss and staffs which will make the controlling relationship being useless. In addition, if the boss is worrying about the productivity, providing a good work condition; giving more freedom or letting employees make a mutual supervision will encourage workers and strength their loyalty to the firm. For instance, Goole is one of the most famous oversea technology company, it is the main supporter of the Objective and Key Results system of employee review (OKRS). It asks employees make an achievable aim and publish it to the colleagues through an internal network platform to make all people know. In the practice, if employees make a goal, the system may provide 2 or 3 possible key results as the references and help the workers to reach their goal. And colleagues will also know if you accomplish it or not. (Jermaine Haughton, 2015) This method which makes individual plans show to public could let workers be more responsible of works ad make awareness of what they should improve in works. Therefore, the productivity is improved and it may also good for exploring and developing new goods. Moreover, instead of repeating the same work all the time, Google asks their engineers to spend one day on the study what they are interested in weekly. The company also provide various transportation to make workers feel convenient. (Daily Mail Reporter, 2013) When employees feel positive in the workplace, they could create more fortunes to the firms such as Gmail, Google Transit, Google Talk and Goole News which were produced under the 20% time principle. (Daily Mail Reporter?2013) Thus, it can be seen that although the firm may experience low participate rate of workers, it could still be overcame. As long as the firm provide enough freedom and welfare, build a mature mutual supervising system, the work efficiency will be increased or even better than before.
Overall, workers in old times could only accepted the oppress from bureaucrats to earn a living, nevertheless, everyone in modern ties advocates freedom and equality, the use of Bureaucracy may just the opposites of the firm’s wishes. The workplace may cost people most of time in one day to stay in, and the organization is the subject that the worker service for. Therefore, good condition and human interact firms may be more poplar now. While companies which using Bureaucracy and Scientific Management will make employees fell depressed; have no freedom, no sense of belongings; and make the firm experiences loss. As a result, firms should not use the system like Bureaucracy and Scientific Management as its inhumanity and inefficiency.
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