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Published: 2021-09-06 15:15:12
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Attention to task: What I’ll do in the day. The first work-related activity of my day to determine what I want to achieve that day and what my absolutely must accomplish. clear on this purpose. I check my email and start responding to queries and resolve issues. Setting a clear focus for my day might require as little as five minutes,save several hours of wasted time and effort.
Type of focus: The time I have to myself becomes even more valuable get busier . I’m trying my hobbies maximize my time because they allow to continue learning or improving myself even when I’m not studying. That does not mean every hobby needs to advance me on my path to the Nobel Prize, but learning how to cook, a new language, or exercising can improve me as a person and still give me plenty of enjoyment on breaks. My hobbies frequently came up on my own med school interviews, and I have heard the same from others as well, so embrace them! Giving my mind a break during busy schedules is crucial to retaining my levels of efficiency (and sanity). Breaks which include my hobbies can keep my morale up, but sometimes just taking a nap or going for a walk will recharge my focus batteries enough to return to the grind.
Approach to structure: Many worries and questions I would have agonized over in the past now are answered with a simple email. i have questions about my finances asked to my financial aid advisor. The worst-case scenario is that they refer me to someone who can help! It is very likely that other students have had the same questions, or been in a similar position, as me. Students may be more approachable than faculty or at least refer me to faculty who are approachable . Just a word of encouragement from someone who has been in your shoes may help me persevere.
Style of processing : My style is like parallel processors because I’m more comfortable to do work parallely. I do only one work at only one time because I cant handle so much load or work at a time because I’m confuse when I have lots of work . my mind goes in various directions when I have lots of work to do in same time. It takes more time than serial processors but it’s good for what I’m doing comfortably. Because I take a small step of big work .Strategy of actions : My strategies is get the right things in less time like: start my day with a clear focus . before I start my work . I’m focus on high valued activities to do and when I start my work I’m doing focusly that work. I skiped the all unless thing in my life like social media and when I’m doing my work then I’m listening the mind relaxation songs. Because I do more comfortably when, I listen relaxation song then I concentrate more or I say my concentration power is increased when I listen this type of song like flute songs.
Summary : Spend 5-10 minutes reviewing task list every day before I leave the college. Give my self a pat on the back if I achieved what I wanted. If I think my day’s effort fell short, decide what I’ll do differently tomorrow in order to accomplish what I need to. Leave the college in high spirits determined to pick up the thread the next day.
 What is new to you, what is confirmed for each category?
The new thing is , I’m giving more time to my studies as compare to other activities because my thinking is study is my first priority or primary thing and remaining is second priority is remaing things like relationship , entertainment etc.
   Identify at least three things you can change to improve your time management (describe problem > change in approach > intended goal)
Change to improve is focus on that thing what I’m doing on that time . Give more time to study and hardwork but I need to take about my health because when we give more effort to study as compare to health then health will decrease day by day . My goal is face the excellence not the success because excellence is much better than success ,according to my thinking. I wanna to Learn like a teacher not like a student.

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