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Category: To Kill A Mockingbird

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LOOK AT HIM, JUST LOOK AT HIM JUST SMILING O’ER THERE, how dare he make a mockery of me in front of the ‘ntire town like that, [ throws a chair ] he just makes me so mad y’all. Now everyone gone think me trash, after that gosh darn Atticus embarrassed me like that, how dare he, HOW DARE HE[bangs hand on table]. That man need be taught a lesson, don’t y’all think? [point at people] who the hell does he think he is treating me like that I ain’t no Negro, I am a white man, I ain’t not nearly as bad as those coloured folks. I’m just as equal to Atticus and to every other white man in Maycomb. I expected to be a hero after saving my daughter from that man, but instead he treats me like gum on his bottom of his shoe!
I still can’t believe it, why a fancy man like himself would wanna to this to us white folk. Can you believe it? Atticus is taking his side. Just look at him in his fancy suit and showered skin. WHY AIN’T HE ON MY SIDE. WHY THAT NEGRO LOVING BASTARD. He’s just as bad as Tom, both disgracing my family. What stupid questions don’t y’all think, asking Mayella ‘Did you scream first at your father instead of at Tom Robinson’, ‘Who beat you up? Tom Robinson or your father’?. At least no white jury is gon’ let a black man get away with rapin’ a white girl. And even if they do vote him innocent, I woulda just hung that monster myself because everybody in town knows that Tom and all the other blacks in Maycomb are practically the dirt at our feet.
Back to my Mayella, if I hadn’t beaten some sense into her, she would have ruined the entire trial. That girl needs to be taken down a peg tryin’ to be better than the rest of my family actin’ as if she’s better than me. It’s no wonder I have to beat her, she’s a woman who thinks she’s better than her father for God’s sake. No woman could ever be better than their fathers or husbands or any man at all, they’re all just lying whores who need some sense beaten into them if you ever want them turnin’ out alright and yet still Mayella is no good to anybody. I mean who the hell does she think she is approaching a black man in such way God damn whore, can’t trust her with anybody. Even when that son of a bitch, Tom, he still stains my family, I need to destroy every trace of him, severe every goddamn colour tainted tie that he could have to anyone in this hellhole of a town, I mean he even tainted my family.
Ooooohhh that Atticus fella, seein’ Atticus almost makes me want throw up inside of me mouth. Oohhh I just want to see him suffer for the way he treated me, I swear I’m gonna dedicate every ounce of my energy to makin’ his life miserable.Especially for what he did to me and for what he said in the court room, jumping to conclusions ‘bout what I did to my daughta’. He almost turned my daughter on me. As for all of those people who tried to help Tom Robinson better be prepared for what I’m about to do, I won’t go back to that dump of a home quietly. As for Atticus, he will get what’s coming to he. I should just kill them both along with their families, That would be the most extreme way of takin’ my revenge; howeva’, there is always a chance that I’ll be caught red handed and blamed for the murder of Atticus. People may be on to me and I would be livin’ a life of hidin’ and runnin’ away.
I gotta choose the plan that affects Atticus the most and not get me into too much trouble. Could i kill him or spit in his face. I know I could always spit in Atticus’s face. Yes that’s it. This would show so much disrespect that Atticus would clearly see. It’s a direct threat to Atticus it’s perfect because he’ll feel extremely disgusted and I’ll show the most amount of disrespect to him. He’ll understand to leave me alone and see that I’m unafraid to get back at anyone under any circumstances. I am not weak; I am strong. When anybody messes with me I show ‘em what happens and they’ll regret what they did to me. I know what I have to do, you just wait Atticus… you just wait and see what happens next!

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