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FAMILIES:- This segment revolves around adults and watchmen with increasingly young children who don’t need to see the latest movies on release and search for a modest, quality, family-arranged fervour experience, and also focuses on adults, parents with their children with teenagers, families generally move out of their places on holidays for watching movies and this car theatre would be a great fun for all the families members.
YOUNG ADULTS :- This segment is comprised of the 15-24 age group, any above 15 year old can come and enjoy their shows with their loveable cars. This group is interested in watching comedy/adventure and action type of movies. Any one who is looking for luxuries type of experience of watching movie in their car then too in theatre can come here and enjoy as per their desire , where we are offering a soundproof theatre , different types of snacks and refreshing drinks & cocktails.
Motor Travellers:- Now a days people are more interested in outing in their own car , people are moving from one place to another with there cars , road trip is trending now a days youth is travelling by there own cars for more adventure and for this type of youth we are coming with a new idea of car theatre where this type of motor travellers will like to and enjoy their movie and who want to take a break from long route driving ,can come and relax here .
According to Philip Kotler, “Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market of potential customers into groups, or segments, based on different characteristics. The segments created are composed of consumers who will respond similarly to marketing strategies and who share traits such as similar interests, needs, or locations.” Market is divided into different segment based on:-
Demography:- Person of any gender & above 18 of age can enjoy our shows.
Psychography:- People who love to get together for their enjoyment in unique way, of any region and personality.
Behaviour:- We want to produce such a brand image that our guests become attached with us or who are loyal to particular brands.
Carista’s mission is to create a new theatre experience for guests that will be so enjoyable and it will fulfil guest’s desire that they will come back to us and often recommend Carista to their friends and family. We deem that our guest will prefer to watch a new movie again with us rather than to going multiplex again.
As we are coming up with a new concept of car theatre and in upcoming years we will become a brand of high quality standards and we will archive a good amount of profit after 2-3 years, after that we will expand our business and will repeat this cycle again.
Objective :

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