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Published: 2021-09-10 10:00:09
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Most of the times what happens to us, especially in early stages of our lives is not in our control, but you can rise up and get better despite of what is going on along the way. Jane Eyre is an example of beating your own destiny.
She was an orphan, she was neglected and raised in a toxic environment by her cruel but wealthy aunt. After that, she was abandoned to a school where things weren’t better. Despite all of that, she tries her best to keep her head up and learn so she can give herself a future as bright as she can. Even though she lost her best friend, Helen Burns, she never gave up and continue fighting. As things in school were getting better because of the new people that led the school, she remained in there even after had finished the school, as a teacher. After that she worked as a governess. Her life was getting better, things started to be on the right path. Or were they? Ready to marry the man she loves, at the church preparing to say their vows, the brother-in-law of the groom came and tell Jane that he is already married with a woman named Bertha. His “ex”-wife was mad and he thought that she died. She came and ruined everything.
Jane was now homeless, with no money, begging for food on the streets. Three brothers helped her out, Mary, Diana and St, John, gave her shelter and whatever she needed. She became friends with them, grateful for their kindness. After a while, she found out that her uncle John Eyre was dead and that he left her two hundred thousand pounds. She also found out that the three brothers that helped her are her cousins. She split her legacy evenly as a “thank you” for their help. She was finally on the right path again, she had family on her side and money. But she wasn’t happy because she wasn’t with the man she loved. When her cousin decides to go to India as a missionary, he asked her if she would come with him and also if she would marry him. She almost accepted, but in the end she denied his request because she wasn’t in love with him, but she told him that she would come with him in India.
Jane went back to Thornfield after all to find her loved one. She found out that was a fire and Bertha, the mad ex-wife was dead, but Rochester was alive, very injured. Because he saved some of the servants, he was left blind and with only one arm. She went to his new mansion and rebuild the relationship and got married. Gladly, Rochester regained his eyesight on one eye and had the chance to see their son.
In conclusion, Jane Eyre was a challenged character by life, but in the end she wins. Love, family and a strong ambition gave her the chance of having finally a beautiful and fulfilled life beside the man she loved. The knowledge that readers need to gain from her is that people can beat their own destiny with ambition. It doesn’t matter where and how you started, it matters where you want to arrive and set of values do you have.

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