My essay looks at how technology impacts a student lifeWe spend more Paper

Published: 2021-09-02 18:20:11
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My essay looks at how technology impacts a student life.
We spend more time reading screen than the physical book itself it reflects on our social skills, thinking capacity, our concentration level and lack of privacy. A research shows that allowing any computer usage in the classroom reduces students average final-exam performance by roughly one-fifth of a standard deviation. (Horn, 2017
Social Skills are the tools we use to interact with others. It is very important to develop social skills which can only be improved during the early stages of our student life, in order to communicate, to grow a good leadership quality and to survive in today’s world to face the competition. For instance,if we do so many group assignments when we attend our group meetings and we need to interact with each other in order to come up with a productive outcome but if we are socially inadequate and are not having a conversation face to face deciding who will do what and how, instead just talking through emails and chats, this would reflect on our assignment because there will be no coordination in our work or while we are presenting, with zero outcome.
When students spend an excessive amount of time interacting with technology instead of peers, they don’t get to practice social skills. This can have negative consequences, both in class and out. Some researchers have studied that student with low social skills is at risk. When they lack social skill they feel isolated and alone( Bindley, 2011). Often technology is used as a pacifier or as a self-soothing device, to help them pacify their fear and anxiety rather than to learn its coping mechanism. Which may lead to depression, social isolation resulting in low academic achievements. If we only surround us with technology and do not interact with people around us, like now we go out to family dinner or with friends we concentrate on our Instagram or Facebook friends rather than talking to people right in front of us, this may lead frayed relationship and friendship.
A psychologist at New York’s Child Mind Institute said clinically most of the time when she interacts with a high school student they check their phone every two minutes for texts rather than interacting and socializing, it is an avoidance strategy for them. (Hobson, 2017)Recently in a study reported that people spending more than two hours a day twice the odds of perceived social isolation as compared to those who spend half an hour or less on those same sites.
Although some would say that technology has made access to education easier, I believe it is resulting in weakening the memories of people, we all have devices which we can’t wait to use all the time how many times it gets students distracted while studying or doing any work it creates a break in concentration due to continued working with multiple perspectives. Thus decreasing our memory abilities. Additionally, the reliance on a search engine to find information and constant data flow makes our brain prone to forgetfulness and reducing their attention span. In the year 2017, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences did a study where it showed 91.7% of students overuses their cellphones to use the social media platform and only 8.3% of them uses technology for study or any productive purposes. (Mohammad, Valinejad, & Amani, 2018) On average, it is said that we touch our phone 2671 times a day. For instance, we sat with our laptop to complete our assignments or homework but land up watching a video or using social media, the work which was supposed to take only two hours lands up taking double its time why? Because of our lack of concentration and the distraction created by our technology. Students nowadays are getting more and more dependent on the internet to find information rather than researching or even going through the books. Although the information is at our fingertips this is making students dumb, Nicholas Carr believes focus and deep contemplation are what we are giving up. Furthermore, we may be better at multitasking, but creativity could be suffering. (Perry, 2016)
To find privacy on social media is like finding a needle in a haystack, next to impossible, apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have reduced or privacy level to nill. This why cyberbullying today has increased exponentially especially among teens. For instance, we upload anything and everything on the social media sites erasing our privacy out. We went partying or having dinner out at what time and place each and everything is mentioned in the picture or as we call it hashtags. Sharing private video, photos or messages is also not safe, because all this information automatically saves itself in a cyberspace making it easier for people to access it. Cyberbullying activities are so damaging that sometimes they compel the person to commit suicide. There are so many cases that involve teenagers committing suicide because they have been mistreated, misjudged and humiliated over the internet. In 2010 cyber-bullying has increased dramatically as more and more children are becoming victims of this type of bullying. A research calculated weighted estimates representative of all students in grades 9–12 attending school in the US which proved that girls are more likely to report being bullied (31.3% vs. 22.9%), boys are only more likely to report exclusive school bullying (12.2% vs. 9.2%). Not only that it has also been seen that the percentage to bullies are more in the age group of 16-25 years who are also mistreating the younger student. (Messias, Kindrick, & Castro, n.d.)
In sum, I would say that technology has a great impact on student life not only it affects their mind but also their social and private life. If not used wisely can be dangerous. A student should use technology but not depend upon it, in the end, a computer or any other devices are man-made we should control it not it should control us. A student should always be keen to learn something new outside the cyber world.

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