My Husband Saved My Life Paper

Published: 2021-09-01 19:00:15
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My husband and I got married in 2009, and we lived beautiful days at the beginning of our married life. Marriage brought me to the comfort zone as I could eat and drink whatever I wanted. I still remember how I had little interest in having a balanced diet, so I was unhealthy. My husband was unhealthy, too. Life started to change in two years between us two. My husband was the first one to gain weight so first, and he always felt tired and inactive. One day when was a big shock for me made me change my attitude’s lifestyle; that day was the deterioration of my husband’s health suddenly.
One day my husband felt severe pain in his head and chest. Although I gave him a pain killer pill, his headache became worse after one hour. Then I decided at that moment to take him to the hospital immediately, but he ultimately lost consciousness. I was profoundly shocked when I saw him; consequently, I did not know what I do. When I gathered myself after a few minutes, I called for an ambulance. After a while, the ambulance crew arrived and took him to the hospital. Then they took him into an emergency room immediately.
Later, the doctor who was responsible for his case told me that he had undergone a heart attack. That was a big shock to me, but the doctor calmed me down when he said to me, “He arrived on time, and he will pass the danger stage as soon as he takes the first aid needed.” That was the day when I realized our wrong attitude’s lifestyle, and I started believing in the value of a healthy lifestyle. After a few days, he came home from the hospital after he had recovered his health. Together, we decided to make significant improvements to our quality of life.
Suddenly, my husband stepped ahead to take the lead. We had to visit a nutritionist who gave us the guideline on how to solve the problem. My husband played a central role in ensuring that we followed the guidelines provided by the nutritionist. We started monitoring our diet and avoided foods that were high sugary and fat. We concentrated on healthy food only. For example, we started eating vegetables and chicken or fish for every meal. At that time, we started walking together for long hours every day. After a few weeks, we were running. We encouraged to join a gym for ensuring to do our exercises with a trainer. Moreover, the important decision that we took converted from difficulty to please and a challenge especially most of our friends noticed how we lost overweight. After a few months, my husband lost over 80 pounds, and I lost almost 30 pounds.
In summary, my husband helped motivate me to join him to the period in which he worked on restoring his physical fitness. That encouraged me to change my attitude in life because I assimilate that the value of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, that day when was my husband’s life at risk was the beginning spark to change my lifestyle’s attitude that was saved my life later.

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