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Published: 2021-09-12 14:20:11
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• Online Food Recipe is learning new recipes with different styles process where we help user to search recipes by choice.
• Admin add the different recipes as per user requirement criteria.
• User search recipes by giving their requirements such as category type, sub category type and recipe name. Any user like any recipe then, he/she can add their recipe to their wishlist and view at any time.
• This system administrator has main authority of Online Food Recipe where they can manage Recipes details. It means that, admin can add, update, delete and sort the seller, user, property information. Where admin can also make report of properties based on city name like- In which city, which property is available or sold.

Description of the present system
Whenever we are Searching for a new and different recipe, the focus is on the food category or Subcategory or name. If we want to search new and different recipe it is very difficult things to searching the recipe in the big website and if we searching that thing manually it takes lot of time.
Need of present system:
• To overcome the usual problems in managing and handling.
• To increase the number of different types of recipes.
• To Globally available to all customer.
Benefit of present system:
• This system is user-Friendly, interactive and easy to use.
• Updating of information becomes so easier.
• Save excess paper work.
• Less time consuming than usual manual process.
• Easy to manage and more informative.
• Data Security.
Limitations of Present System:
• Limited different types of recipes.
• No. of modules are limited.
Proposed System
• There are two functional components of this system i.e. the admin and the user. Both admin and user need to login in to the website.
• Main functionality of admin is to maintain in the food recipe details that comprise of the site maintenance.
• If user needs to see the full recipe of any food then he or she will have to register with the website.
• The add to favorites recipe are shown in favorites list.
• The objective of the system is to provide the customer with on-the-click functionality that helps them to search over a variety of food recipes.
• Apart from this it will remove the difficulties faced by the admin to manage their shop and can be easily handled by the admin without any technical knowledge of the platform.
• The software system is designed in such a way that anyone can view the updates of the food recipe on the website at any time that too easily. The system also aims at providing different types of recipes to the users with a quick and easy way.
• This system will follow the steps and rules to meet user requirements on demand and on time.
• Search system to search their desired food recipe on various search attributes.
• Admin can add, update and delete the food recipe by categories and subcategories. And also view the feedback sent by users.
• Add to favorites the food recipe.
Feasibility Study
Feasibility study includes consideration of all the possible ways to provide a solution to the given problem. Feasibility study is done to Online Food Recipe to identifying all the aspects of this system. Where we are confirming to that our strategy, planning and designing related to that system is possible or not and its completion.
The proposed solution should satisfy all the user requirements and should be flexible enough so that future changes can be easily done based on the future upcoming requirements.
a] Economic Feasibility
• This is a very important aspect to be considered while developing a project.
• We decided the technology based on minimum possible cost factor.
• All hardware and software cost have to be borne by the organization.
• Overall, we have estimated that the benefits the organization is going to receive from the proposed system will surely overcome the initial costs and the later on running cost for system.
b] Technical Feasibility
• This included the study of function, performance and constraints that may affect the ability to achieve an acceptable system.
• For this feasibility study, we studied complete functionality to be provided in the system, as described in the System Requirement Specification (SRS)and checked if everything was possible using different type of frontend(.Net low Framework) and backend (Sql server) platforms.
c] Operational Feasibility
• No doubt the proposed system is fully GUI based that is very user friendly and all inputs to be taken all self-explanatory even to a layman.
• Besides, a proper training has been conducted to let know the essence of the system to the users so that they feel comfortable with new system.
• As far our study is concerned the clients are comfortable and happy as the system has cut down their loads.

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