Only a generation ago if anyone had told me that there will Paper

Published: 2021-08-30 20:00:09
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Only a generation ago, if anyone had told me that there will come a day where we would have everything, from the news and documentaries to literally anything right in front of our eyes on a big screen, we would have portable foldable computers in our backpacks and most importantly we would have the whole world in our pocket, I would have thought they are lunatic. But see where the world brought us. With the fast-growing technology day by day, we may think that the world is progressing, but it is just a portion of a bigger picture. With the increase in technology, the growing digital age, people are becoming apathetic and highly unproductive. Have you ever wondered how you have evolved as a person with the rapid change of technology?
The digital age is a topic of debate; it may be an important device, yet on the other hand, it is also not less than a curse for mankind. Recent studies have verified that there has been a decline in our productivity since smart gadgets have appeared in the picture. Humans have become too dependent on technology. For instance, if you do not know an answer to a question instead of you finding the answer for yourself, you instantly look for the answer on google. Why? Because it has all the answers! Individuals believe there no need to gain more knowledge because there is an answer to every question online.
Globally, the productivity rate is nowhere near the rate that was recorded before the “2008 Financial Crisis.” Constant distraction by emails from your colleagues and messages on social media from your friends have led to a decline in efficiency and focus on the tasks of today’s humans.
The given graph depicts a picture of how humans have lost their pace since there has been an increase in the number of smartphones. We are surrounded by these devices all the time. The repercussion of digital devices has not even been discussed. Continuous exposure to a digital screen can affect the eyesight and IQ of a person. Today, near-sightedness, which is also known as Myopia, has become a global epidemic. 42 per cent of Americans suffers from Myopia. A recent survey from the ‘Pew Research Center’ found that 54 per cent of U.S. teenagers have said that they spend too much time on their phones, and 60 per cent of them consider spending too much time online to be a “major problem.”
In Asia, this number has risen to 90 per cent. Undoubtedly something is wrong with us. We have become obsessed – checking the news, checking social media, checking texts at all hours of the day. A new study conducted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology offers further evidence that at least part of the world increase in near-sightedness has to do with near work activities. There is that no disbelief computer users experience digital eye strain. Kids are no different from adults when it comes to digital eye strains. They can experience dry eye, eye strains, headaches and blurry vision too. According to a recent NEI-funded study, children’s’ eyes absorb more blue light than adults from digital device screens. My best friend has been a victim of this. She has bought her first mobile phone back in 2016. She had perfect eyes back then. But within a span of two years, she had to wear glasses just to see things clearly. In the next 3 years, she lost the capability to see things clearly without glasses. The continuous influence of emails, text messages, received by modern workers can reduce their IQ by more than smoking marijuana, suggests UK research.
Digital Age is going to destroy our future generations. The first harm that it is going to do is damage their eyes and IQ.
Digital Age is also going to impact our social life. It is extremely difficult for me to stay focused on a single task and give it the attention that it needs to be given. This has badly affected my productivity. When I am working, all my brain thinks about is what the next thing that I am going to do. Who else perceive the same thing? The time most of us spend on digital technologies, I understand, could be well spent with friends and family. The digital technology has created a feeling of isolation around for society.
I have witnessed friends and families where dining together is rare. Despite living in the same house. To be involved with the people around you, disconnect yourself from technology. Being too attached to this can cause a lot of problems. We do not ‘need’ technology to get through the day when can spend quality time with the people we love.

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