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Published: 2021-09-11 16:10:10
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Air pollution has both acute and chronic effects on human health, affecting a number of different systems and organs. It ranges from minor upper respiratory irritation to chronic respiratory and heart disease, lung cancer, acute respiratory infections in children and chronic bronchitis in adults, aggravating pre-existing heart and lung disease, or asthmatic attacks. “It causes damage by altering the earth’s atmosphere” an article published by (united states new).
What exactly causes this major environmental issue and what can we do about it? Let’s take a closer look! Air pollution is a gas ROR liquid or solid dispersed through ordinary air released in a big enough quantity to harm the health of people or other animals, kill plants or stop them growing properly, damage or disrupt some other aspect of the environment, or cause some other kind of nuisance. When pollution occurs in the air, it can easily travel and spread, and because we breathe in air, we cannot easily avoid it.
When we think of pollution, we tend to think it’s a problem that humans cause through ignorance or stupidity and that’s certainly true some of the time. There are several ways in which pollution occur. The natural sources are Forest fires, erupting volcanoes, and gases released from radioactive decay of rocks inside Earth are just three examples of natural air pollution that can have hugely disruptive effects on people and the planet. Forest fires produce huge swathes of smoke that drift for miles over neighboring cities, countries, or continents.
Giant volcanic eruptions can spew so much dust into the atmosphere that they block out significant amounts of sunlight and cause the entire planet to cool down for a year or more. Radioactive rocks can release a gas called radon when they decay, which can build up in the basements of buildings with serious effects on people’s health. The human sources of polluting the air are, burning Fossil Fuels through human mean of transportation which is a key part of our lives. Cars, and heavy duty trucks, trains, shipping vessels and airplanes all burn lots of fossil fuels to work. The missions from automobile engines contain both primary and secondary pollutant which is a major cause of pollution, and one that is very difficult to manage”(Environmental pollution 270). This is because humans rely heavily on vehicles and engines for transporting people, good and services. Fumes from car exhaust contain dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbons and particulates. On their own, they cause great harm to people who breathe them.
Additionally, they react with environmental gases to create further toxic gases (lifestyles health new). Another ways in which human pollute the air is through household and farming chemicals such as crop dusting, fumigating homes, household cleaning products or painting supplies, over the counter insect/ est. killers, fertilizer, dust emit harmful chemicals into the air and cause pollution. In many case, when we use these chemicals at home or offices with no or little ventilation, we may fall ill if we breathe them.
The industrial source are caused by smoke emitted from factory which contaminates many sources of drinking water, released unwanted toxins into the air and reduces the quality of soil all over the world. Major environmental disasters have been caused due to industrial mishaps, which have yet to be brought under control. Air pollution can harm the health of humans and animals, damage crops or Stop them growing properly, and make our world unpleasant and unattractive in a variety of other ways.
According to “experimentalists’ state a notable incident that happened in London and England in 1952 when thick, deadly pollution known as the Great Smog that was caused by people burning coal in home fires and coal-fired power plants killed an estimated 4000 people. Scientists have known for decades that particulate matter and ozone, along with other air pollutants, are associated with acute and chronic health robbers, including premature death, lung cancer, and exacerbation of respiratory and cardiovascular disease, lung inflammation, asthma, bronchitis, and increased risk for cardiovascular death. National resources defense council” (NRC) also stated that in 2010, the American Lung Association estimated that about 23 million Americans suffered from asthma through air pollution. Air pollution is one of the world’s biggest killers that cause around two million people to die prematurely each year. Many of these deaths happen in developing countries (over half a million in India alone), but leatherier industrial nations suffer too: in the United States, for example, around 41 ,OHO people a year are estimated to die early because of air pollution.

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