Air Pollution and Modern Society Paper

Published: 2021-09-11 16:50:09
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As all of us know that, air is the inevitable substance for life. Air pollution is a growing problem in the modern society. There is several organizations, which offers remedial measures throughout the world. Generally, air pollution is a major consequence of modern society for example; at the end of 20th century, invention of machines and technologies in the automobile sites resulted in more pollution of air than the past. In my perspective, people should take steps against air pollution because air is a trial constituent of environment and it consists of oxygen and other elements which is necessary for the existence of human life.
Polluted air could cause long term breathing disorders like asthma. On the other hand, modern life of people would collapse and they might have difficulties in their daily routine. But in my view, if the people get awareness about the consequences, it will be easy for them to practice control measures without interfering their way of life for instance; in some west countries, people use cycle as their transport medium avoiding cars and vans. By doing small step against air pollution, would help for non air polluted universe in future. Moreover, people should use public transport rather keeping leg on private one.
To conclude, air pollution must reduce in the world so that we could build a bright future. Personally recommend individual measures against air pollution. If people change their way of life slightly to reduce pollution, we would stop air pollution more easily as the proverb says that ‘Several drops make an ocean. “

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