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Published: 2021-09-11 16:20:08
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Emissions of carbon monoxide are especially dangerous. Schematic drawing, causes and effects of air pollution: (1) greenhouse effect, (2) particulate contamination, (3) increased UP radiation, (4) acid rain, (5) increased ozone concentration, (6) increased levels of nitrogen oxides. Source Wisped. Com In periods of heavily air pollution there will be no rainfall. The sky will not produce it and the heat will therefore won’t go away. Transport and large industries are always seen as the causes of those pollutants.
It is not only bad for humans, plants and animals, it is also said to be harmful for buildings. Buildings become discovered when being disposed for a long time to Laotians. But air pollution is not only a outdoor problem, it occurs indoor as well. Like earlier said is air pollution not only a problem for people’s health but also for earth’s ecosystems. Almost every large city in the world has a poor air quality, Even though Penman is a small city it’s no exception in this list. Air pollution is a problem which goes back in history for a long time, and it’s not something which can be dealt with easily.
The first step in reducing air pollution is to understand its causes. While we know the river pollution in Penman is caused by garbage and dirt, the air pollution has many other causes. Industrial fumes and motor vehicles emissions cause the air to be polluted. In order to curb the bad effects of air pollution scientist, governments and environmentalists are testing a variety of methods to help reduce pollution. There are two main types of air pollution control, The first type is input control. Which means to help prevent it before it occurs or trying to limit the effects it will have.
Input control exists of five main types, the first one is that people try to restrict population growth , the second one is to use less energy the next is to improve energy efficiency , the fourth is reducing waste and the fifth is to eve to non-polluting renewable forms of energy production . Then there is output control, the opposite method who seeks to fix the problems caused by air pollution. This involves cleaning up an area that has been damaged by pollution. Input controls are often more effective than output controls. Plus output controls are more expensive, which makes them less desirable to tax payers.
Current air pollution control efforts are not all effective. In the more developed countries, mind sutures often have the money to shift over to methods which decrease air pollution. However, in developing countries and even in countries where pollution is strictly regulated, much more needs to be done and the two main methods are not effective enough. The public plays a huge role in reducing air pollution. Thus a task in any city, land or small village is to stimulate the public acceptance of taking the responsibility and taking actions. The publics willingness to take action.
The people who can be considered to pay more money or who are more willing to cooperate are the ones who’s family’s or themselves are personally bothered by the problem. Also they have to have the confidence that the problem can be reduced or in he best way eliminated. Air Pollutant Index The department of environment, ministry of natural resources and environment, gives a daily air pollution index for the whole of Malaysia. I have been following the index since one month and there was only one day when the index showed a dangerous amount of ozone.
All of the other days it showed a good status. Comparing it with Koala Lumps of Penman mainland, the island Penman has a pretty good air quality. I have picked a random day and looked up the percentages which apply to Penman. The facts and figures I found on Penman and air pollution show a better image then I would have imagined. Around 5 P. M Pula Pining Appear of Fine dust Pula Pining Subterranean 2, Appear 43% of Fine dust Pula Pining SUM 29% Ozone The ground ozone which is bad should not be confused with the ozone up in the air which protects us.
The good ozone up in the air is also damaging if you don’t protect your body from getting a sunburn. Ozone exists of two different layers in our atmosphere. The one closest to the earth is called the troposphere, this one the ground level or “bad” ozone is a air pollutant. This layer is the main ingredient for urban smog. The troposphere meets its other are about km up, the other layer is called the stratosphere. The stratosphere layers are warmer higher up and cooler going down, which is in contrast with the troposphere, which is cooler higher up and warmer farther down.
The stratosphere is like previous said located between km up an 50 km up. The stratospheric also called the “good” ozone protects life on Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UP) rays. Because ozone has a low water solubility it can easily penetrate in small airways. Frequently repeated exposure to “bad” ozone can have a influence on the course and development of disorders. API Status Areas I % I -50 | Good 38 | 51-1001 Moderate 1 91 19961 101-200 Unhealthy 1 010% I 201-300 very unhealthy 01 ;301 Hazardous 01 0% Green stands for cool summer temperatures and windy conditions.
It is not harmful for people’s health. Yellow stands for rain and afternoon thunderstorms. Only those who are extremely sensitive should not be outdoors for a long time. Orange stands for a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms, children and elderly and people with asthma should limit their time outdoor. Red stands for little chance of rainfall, especially children have to limit spending time outdoors. Dark red stands for no chance of infill, thunderstorm or any kind of precipitation. Active children and adults and people with asthma should not go outdoors.
Global warming Global warming is the heating up of the average temperature of earth. It is said to have a large effect on weather patterns. Therefore it has a direct impact on people’s health. One of the impacts global warming has is the significant increase of heat waves, which directly leads to an increase of air pollution because of the warm vertical air. The heat waves are also bad for the poor, who mostly live in bad living conditions and do not own a air conditioning. The death rate of the poor are mostly quite high after a heat wave.
Global warming also leads to extreme weather in general. Hurricanes and other violent storms lead to more lost of lives. Rising sea levels is another consequence which could be devastating to coastal areas. This could result in destroyed lands and a greater chance for floods. All those climate changes could also affect air pollution by increasing the rate of chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Previously said the high temperatures cause smog. The high temperatures also lead to the evaporation of gasoline and organic solvents, which leads to air pollution.
Climate variegating sunken ask govern Hobbes poor De lightheartedness’s door heat veranda van De senseless van chemise reactive in De atmosphere of door heat veranda van wind en regent patrons data De overstraining van involved pop De accumulative van overindulgent stiffen. Temperatures self light Kane effect; goals tee Zen in savagely goals ozone in De troposphere, eerie grove hoverflies van smog former ender hogs temperatures. Warmer were drag ask big an De pertaining van daze stiffen alas benzene en organizers philosophized, en interviewing die Kane baggage an De lightheartedness’s. Acid rain
Acid rain is rain which contains acids that form in the atmosphere when industrial gas emissions combine with water. Acid rain can be a result of both natural sources like volcanoes and decaying vegetation and man-made sources, primarily emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxide which are both results from fossil fuel combustion. Smog Smog is a form of air pollution which shows up for a period of time. The word comes from the two English words smoke and fog. Smog has negative results on people’s health. It is a significant health hazard and especially dangerous for those who have heart and lung conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.
It decreases the lungs working capacity, pain when inhaling deeply and coughing. It also causes irritation on the eyes and nose. Death is also a result of smog when ozone levels are higher than normal. Smog can be formed in any climate where cities release large amounts of air pollution, such as smoke or gases. It is even worse when a city is warm and sunny, when the air is warm enough to restrain vertical circulation. Smog is a regular problem in Southeast Asia caused by land and forest fires in Indonesia. Smog is often mistaken for haze but smog is the end product of hydrocarbon interaction in sunlight.
While Haze is are particles in the air that arise from industrial processes, or natural causes like the forest fires in Indonesia. Those forest fires, like the one in 1997 spread a dangerous amount of haze on Penman. Urban smog also forms a haze in the air that reduces the visibility of distant objects, so not only forest fires create a haze. People had to wear safety masks to cover up their mouth and nose during the haze of 1997. Hazes create harmful situations for peoples health, it decreases tourist to visit Penman and an even bigger problem it accelerates global warming. Recycling in Penman Penman also deals with a great garbage problem.
What was once called the pearl of the orient has been nick named “Pula Pining Daryl Sampan” which means Penman, Land of Rubbish. State officials in Penman have said in a statement that Penman produces between 1,500 to 1,600 tons of garbage a day, which is about 1 keg a person. And all this garbage ends up on a burning pile. In Penman people burn their rubbish in backyards, it seems to be freely accepted despite the fact that it has been made illegal. The smoke which is released by those fires is harmful for the air. And people get bad health effects of dioxins from the openly burning off rubbish.
A state government study which was conducted in the year 2006 on six main super- and hyper- market businesses showed 2. 5 million pieces of plastic bags were given out every month. In my opinion recycling should be more promoted in Penman. The no plastic bag days are a great way of letting people think more conscious about their own environment. The constant free flow of plastic bags have made people not aware of garbage and the value Of a plastic bag. Paying for a plastic bag is another way of letting people become aware. Tests is selling the green natural bag, a shopping bag which can help you collect points.
Penman should work on improving their waste management. Besides recycling the garbage they should find better places to make a landfill, and making sure the garbage will not leak or fall in the river. Effects of air pollution on humans and environment Even though there are many known results in human health caused by air pollution but how harmful is it really? Big sporadic air pollution events like the historic London Fog in 1952 and a number of other long and short term air pollution studies investigated the effects of air quality changes on human health.
The publics opinion is that there is always a link been death as a exult of air pollution and industrialization. I will not further discuss if this is true but one thing which occurred in all studies was that air pollutants contribute to increased mortality and hospital admissions. While the different compositions of air pollutants play a role in how dangerous it could be for men’s health, air pollution is always harmful for humans health. There is no specific air pollution disease, people get irritation on their eyes and nose, lung functions are working slower more on the several kinds Of health effects later on.
Evidence which led to a link teen air pollution and bad health effects came from three sources; animal experiments, experimental human exposure and epidemiological studies of exposed human populations. The two most trustworthy are the experimental and epidemiological ones. Epidemiological studies investigate certain groups in different periods of air pollution, during times of smog and haze and after those periods. According to a research examined by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2006, air pollution in cities around the world causes roughly 2 million premature deaths each year. So worst case scenario is death but what are other results?
Health effects can range from a simple noxious feeling to difficulty when breathing, skin irritation to a terrible disease like cancer. But also birth defects and a reduced activity of the immune system which results in even more diseases occur. According to a national academy science report most of the health problems are caused by two pollutants, sulfur dioxide and particulates. One of the direct results of sulfur dioxide is asthmatic persons would get more attacks and an impairment of the lung function. The long term results are increase in chronic bronchitis, and lung impairment.

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