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Published: 2021-08-31 06:10:10
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In this century, a wide rang of people choose alternative and complementary medicine to help alleviate their diseases or improve their general health. According to the World Health Organization (1996, p. 1), “The term complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) refers to ways of protecting and restoring health that existed before the arrival of modern medicine”. Instead of taking a pill, some patients are opting for alternative medicine, such as yoga, tai chi and massage therapy. Other patients would prefer Chinese traditional medicine, which has no side effects, but is necessary to continue with long term treatment.
However, critics argue that patients who receive CAM treatment expose themselves to high potential risks, such as medication interactions. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of unconventional therapies. The benefits of the CAM include relief of pain and help with psychological illness with few known side effects. On the other hand, the drawbacks of these medicines are that they are inappropriate for many conditions and lack of medical instructions. One of the key benefits of the complementary and alternative therapies is they can ease pain and relieve mental illness.
The movement asserts that more than 600 surveys have demonstrated the benefits of it. Most experts hold it can ease stress, high blood pressure and insomnia. According to Regg (1997, p. 25), studies have shown that half the population uses complementary therapies annually and twenty percentages of those people using CAM are workers. For instance, patients can choose massage, yoga and chiropractors comforting their daily pressure. It is also available that CAM therapies can primary health care without chemicals or doctors.
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Furthermore, some suffers can relieve their mental stress or help alleviate mental psychological diseases through the CAM treatments. Donarski states that in the past two decades, children and adolescents,who have increased suffering from depression (i. e. , psychopharmaceuticals), are usually using the treatment of conventional medicine. Some studies, however, have shown that CAM is more effective in alleviating mental diseases. For example, they can do exercise, followed by meditation and orthomolecular supplements. Another advantage of unconventional medicine is the absence of side effect.
Some surveys illustrate that a wide range number of alternative medicine is safer than conventional drugs. Nowadays, a large number of people who choose herbal products a lieu of prescription medication assume that these products are safe due to their natural features. In some developing countries, patients still continue to use traditional medicine because their primary health care are always associated with a variety of species of plants and animals. Medicine plant plays an important role in potent therapeutic agents. During 1950-1970 about 100 plants are introduced in American market (Verma, 2008, p.345-350).
According to some Chinese history records, ancient people often used herbal medicine to alleviate or cure their illness. CAM, however, is inappropriate for a number of conditions. Compared with CAM, modern medicine therapies are more effectively in the serious illnesses and accidents. Complementary drugs are not able to treat serious trauma, such as broken leg, acute peritonitis and heart attack. These diseases should associate with modern diagnostic tests, medical equipments and related drugs, which are not appropriate using CAM to mend patients’ diseases.
Buzescu emphasizes that unconventional medicine is more dangerous to cure acute peritonitis than conventional drugs are (2011, p. 127-132). In addition, non-conventional medicine has no medical instructions, including lack of dosage instructions and no regulation. Some traditional medicine has high potential risks because patients can self-dose with herbals. The studies show that the general population, who excessive dosage of this drug can result in allergic reactions (Anonymouse, 2009, p. 624). Moreover, the non-conventional medicine is also lack of regulation.
For example, Acupuncture, an old therapeutic method, includes both needle and nonneedle acupuncture. They are absence of controlled studies. Some needles are not disinfected with alcohol, which is not diasostic for patients’ health because of bacterial infections. In conclusion, complementary and alternative medicine has benefits and drawbacks. According to Buzescu (2011, pp. 127-132), conventional and nonconventional are difficult to compare due to the various needs by the patients. Unconventional medicine has some advantages including alleviating Prev Page patients’ physical and psychological pain, and having less or even no side effects.
Their disadvantages, however, are inevitable because they are not appropriate for a number of situations and lack of regulation. In recent years, a great number of people have begun to choose the CAM treatments, but others are still worried about their safety. Some experts advocate that when using alternative therapies, it is essential to educate yourself about the cure or system you want to use. Keep the alternative and complementary medicine’s pros and cons in mind. That can make the difference between you having positive experiences or not. Reference List Buzescu,M (2011).
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