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Published: 2021-09-10 03:55:09
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Introduc? on Alterna? ve medicine Have you ever wondered about the side e? ects of most medica? ons? Or worse, what that speci? c medica? on treads? According to the American Medical Associa? on, the average of Americans of age 65 take 7 di? erent prescrip? on pills, 2 of them tread the symptoms of the original disease or diseases and 5 suppress the side e? ects of the ? rst medica? ons. Most don’t think of alterna? ve medica? ons as an op? on, but it is. In fact, alterna? ve medica? ons can be be(er for your body than conven? onal medica? ons.
What I’m going to explain is what alterna? ve medicine is, why some disapprove it and why it can be be(er for you. Body That being said, Alterna? ve medicine can be de? ned as any form of medica? on prac? ce outside of the realm of conven? onal medicine, and there are more 100 types of alterna? ve medica? ons in use today. Some examples include: yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy and herbalism.
So why there are so many people against alterna? ve medicine? Well, some say that there isn’t a lot of research on the subject, it? s not really documented and there? s no evidence truly suppor? ng this medicine. To this argument, I say yes, it does need more research. But if we are going to compare, only 15% of conven? onal medical prac? ces are supported by any evidence at all. Let’s take herbalism.
If you start taking vitamin C daily, or any other herbal supplement, what is going to do with you? It’s just gonna make your body be(er, it’s not gonna harm you, it’s not like a random drug trial, where you take a pill once and have to su? er the side e? ects of vomi? ng, excessive swea? ng, dizziness… it’ll only keep you from ge8ng sick. Another advantage of this kind of medicine is in the fact that, unlike conven? onal medicine, it focuses on preven? ng diseases and not just treading them. You may ask: why can’t I just take an?
bio? cs, for example? It makes me feel be(er then why shouldn’t I take it? Well, over the years an? bio? cs lose their e? ec? veness and the frequent use of them can lead to a weaken immunity, because our immune systems works through experience and if we take a pill for everything, our body will never learn how to ? ght even the simplest germ. One important thing to know about alterna? ve medica? on and probably the most important thing is that it cannot ? x everything and it doesn’t claim to ? x everything.
If you absolutely need a prescrip? on pill, like an an? bio? c when you are su? ering from a severe disease, then yes, by all means take it because the role point of the medica? on is to not let that disease spread through your body. But, just keep this in mind: you don’t need a pill for everything.
Conclusion Finaly, I’ve explained what alterna? ve medicine is and give you some examples, now, I simply asking you to think di? erently about your health and even try to improve it. Alterna? ve medicine doesn’t mean voodoo or banning your doctor, it’s just another way to live healthier. Remember this: you don’t want to be 65, taking 10 di? erent medica? ons and have 5 of them treading the side e? ects of the previous 5.

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