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Published: 2021-09-10 09:00:09
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Len a faraway castle, there I live. I have a huge house but Is filled with loneliness and dejection. For a long time, I am living alone. Yes, I am alone. I do not consider having a family with those talking teapots, mirrors, spoon and forks and so on. No one wished to be with me, cared for me, and loved me for who I become. I am hopeless, until one day… After I visited the beautiful roses in my garden, a heavy rain poured out. “There is a storm”, I thought to myself.
Strong winds blew hard, and rain drops trembled the night. As I go to my bed, I saw a merchant heading off to my house. “He looked so cold and weary’, I told. Out of pity, I decided to open the front door so he could stay for a while. I also served splendid dinner lay on the table to fill his stomach such a delight. As he enter the main hall, I rushed to the back of a door, silently listened to his cry. “Hello… Anybody there? ” he spoke. That moment, I thought to gradually show myself but then again, I refused. “Hello… ” He yelled again. He now saw the dinner that I prepared.
Beauty And The Beast Beast
Eat them all, my guest”, I whispered to myself. After his dinner, I slowly moved to my bedroom. “l will now prepare his bed. I know he Is very tired and sleepy”, I said happily. The merchant went upstairs and entered the bedroom. “l can have my very good sleep,” he said. My heart was filled with joy after hearing that. After a moment, the merchant fell asleep. “It was heart-warming to help others”, I told to myself before I closed my eyes to sleep. I wake up early to prepare my visitors breakfast. I went on his room and had placed a mug of steaming coffee and some fruit by his bedside.
The merchant had breakfast, and after tidying himself up, he went downstairs. “l want to thank whoever brought those delicious foods for me and let me sleep for the night”, he shouted to my house. Uniform welcome”, I whispered with a smile. The merchant waited for me. I know. But I can never show myself to him. I don’t want to be rejected nor hated because of my appearance. But few moments passed, something happened… “How dare you! Ungrateful man! I gave you shelter, you ate at my table and slept In my own bed, but now all the thanks I get is the theft of my favorite flowers!
These roses are important to me. I shall put you to death for this slight”, I shouted at the top of my lungs. I did not control my anger to him. I was also shocked on what I just did. I never wanted to terrify him but my emotions was uncontrollable. “Please forgive me! I’m pleading you”, he said. “l only picked it because of my daughter. I promised her to bring back a rose from my Journey! “, he added. “l will not let you die but for one condition, bring your daughter here”, I said. The merchant promised me that he will bring her lovely daughter in my castle.
That night, I started to wonder how she looks. “I think she has a silky black hair, kissable red lips, flawless fair color and rosy cheeks”, I told to myself as I am having my daydream. I can’t Walt to see her actually. I wanted to meet her for I know that she has a good heart like her father. Can she accept me? Can she love me? There’s so many questions on my mind. But one thing I know for sure, I want her in my life. It’s not my intention to imprison her, but asking his father to bring her to “Hello… Anybody home? ” I am awaken by a very sweet voice coming from the hallway.
As if a nightingale is singing. “Alas, I forgot that today is the coming of my visitor! ” I rushed to fixed myself. I am getting excited! I put on my best robe and wear my best shoes. Now, I am ready. “What are you doing here? ” I asked the young lady. “Oh well, I am here because of my father’s promise”, she replied. She is so lovely. She’s more than I thought in my dreams. I can’t take away my eyes on her as she speaks. Muff will stay here,” I said. Days passed, and my feelings gets stronger for her. It was so amazing how she captured my heart. At first, she refused to talk to me.
I understand her. I have this monster awful head. There’s always a silence between us. But it changed. We always have a conversation now. I enjoyed her company that lead me to make my most precious decision in life: to ask her for marriage. Above me, the stars were out in full, and air was fresh with the earthy scent. I went to Belle, and held her hand. As we watched the glazing stars like specks of silver paint on a canvas, I decided to ask her. I kneeled and said,” will you be mine forever? ” I know two things might happen: its either she will say miss”, or I will receive a No”.
And the latter broke my heart. Life goes on—that’s what I believe. One day, I decided to give her a present. “l want to give this to you. I know that you miss your family a lot. You can see and talk to them through this magic mirror”, I said. She was surprised, I saw it on her eyes. The truth is, I felt a little awkwardness that morning. What a strange feeling! I can’t speak to her, maybe because I’m still broken. After few days, Belle talked to me. “l need to see my father”. She was crying hardly. “My father is ill. He needs to see me”. I never wanted to see her crying.
So, I allowed her to visit her father but leaving a promise that she will come back after seven days. I became weak and lonely after she left. I truly changed a lot. I know it. And it is because of her. I appreciated everything I have because of her. I became contented and most of all, I learned how to love. Not only her, but others and myself as well. The days flashed past, and she’s still not coming back. “l need her back or else, I will die”, I told myself. For seven days, I lived in a melancholic way. Until the terrible night has come… My time has come. “Don’t die! Don’t die!
Ill marry you… ” At these words, a miracle took place. I was revived and my ugly snout turned magically into the face of a handsome young man. “How Eve been waiting for this moment! ” I said with Joy. “l was under a curse and suffering in silence, and couldn’t tell my frightful secret. An evil witch turned me to a monster and only the genuine love of a maiden willing to accept me for who I am will break the curse. And let me transform back to my real self. I never gave up my feelings for you, for I hope one day you will realize that you can love me too… And I was right”, I added.
Can I held your hand? ” I asked her. “Of course,” she replied. “For the second time around, now with all my heart, will you be mine forever? ” Once upon a time… Len a faraway castle, there I live. I have a huge house that is now filled with happiness and love. For a long time, I am living alone. Yes, I am alone before, but not today. I now have my family that composes of my lovely wife and our children. No one wished to be with me, cared for me, and loved me until Belle came to my life. I am hopeless before, until I met my princess and we proved that fairy tales do come true.

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