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Published: 2021-09-13 02:45:09
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Most individuals who have worked or intend to work with organizations dealing with restricted information do require security clearance. Security clearance is done by employers who are dealing in information which is deemed by government to be of utmost importance to the nation.

This is because most of these persons will have access to information in classified documents. BSS will thus conduct security clearance tests from all its current or potential employees as they will hold sensitive positions. The security clearance can be got from head of department, agency or division of federal government (Humbucker, 2010).
According to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (2010), some of the security clearance checks which can be performed by BSS are: driving records, criminal records, credit records, social security number, education records, court records, workers’ compensation records, and records showing bankruptcy, character references, past employers, personal references, incarceration records and sex offenders’ record. All this checks are aimed at information that should not be obtained for legal or EEO reasons. Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) and the law agree that there are certain checks which an employer cannot conduct which apply to BSS too.
The two agree that an employer like BSS can conduct a background checkas long as such a test does not in any way conflict negotiated commitment like union or employee contract and it does not lead to a discriminatory impact on any class without showing a valid reason consistent with business need. Some of discriminatory tests include tests on religious background, if the applicant has disability, ancestry or national origin and family status (Chally Group, 2010).
How BSS can know that its background testing programs are effective BSS should not only have an effective background testing, it should also be cost conscious.
An effective screening process involves more than just checking criminal records after a candidate has been picked. In order to ensure that BSS has put into place an effective check system, the following should be used as guidelines: job announcements should show that the firm needs background checks; all interested participants should sign consent to background checks; a language concerning release of background check records from foreign nations should be included.
Applicants to be asked directly if they have criminal records in interviews and employment application; a clear statement that any false information or omissions is enough material to terminate application process or employment if it has already begun, despite when information is obtained; a statement indicating that employment is subject to completion of background test; past employment references should be well checked; a listing of all past addresses should also be obtained and the organization should finally include future screening in consent language for purposes of promotion, retention or reassignment.
If all these are put in to place, BSS will have an effective screening process. In addition to this, BSS can conduct further tests to satisfy due diligence like courthouse searches for criminal records (Rosen, 2010).

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