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Published: 2021-09-07 07:15:16
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History is connected to every one of us, it is how we got where we are today.It is important to study history in school so we can compare our society to those of the past, and learn from their mistakes, to assure that history doesn’t repeat itself.In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the people of the World State are completely cut off from history in order to protect the goals of the society.The goals of the World State are stability, without individual feeling or thinking.History would allow the individual in Brave New World to compare themselves with the past societies, creating emotion, and promoting analytical thought and the desire for change. They would understand the emotions of war and aging.History goes against the goals of the World State and gives the individual too much knowledge and reflection about change, change which would threaten the emotionless stability of Brave New World. If the people of the World State studied history it would allow them to compare their society to others.They would appreciate how much more advanced they were technologically, but note that by comparison they didn’t have any freedom.History is the study of change and truth.History explains how we got to our present state, but by studying the change, the individual might get new ideas.They might start questioning rules and systems, leading to unrest.The cornerstone of their society is stability but questioning and thinking of change would erode the stability.History would also expose the individuals to other social structures.The only one they currently know is theirs and without knowledge of others, they can’t contemplate change.By reading about the past they would become analytical and judgmental.They would have knowledge and truth about the world and thus wouldn’t be as easily controlled by hypnopedic phases.They would have their own individuality.One example of knowledge leading to a …

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