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Published: 2021-09-10 17:25:09
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Essay on “bush rowan”
… I skinned people, and you in the armor. You all: art, community, friendship, entertainment, family, duty, I have, to a depth – no-Th-th! All subsides, the skin – and under the skin – the raw flesh or fire
How hard man to understand the poet.! How hard man to understand the poet, which makes be pionistom! How hard to understand a poet whose books nobody buys! How hard to understand a poet who loves unrequited! How hard to understand a poet who does not want to be like everyone else! How hard to understand a man of the poet, who had lost his little child! How hard to understand the poet, who lives away from home! How hard to understand a poet who is starving! How hard to understand a poet who “brings a year currently hook”!
When reading a poem or did you think about the state in which it wrote the poet? You do not even always think about whom he wrote it or what, and why … but in every word of the marina, in each point – has its own meaning, the meaning of her life. Tragic, but her favorite! Why her poetry writing music? They are melodious! And why? Why are so many worth a dash in her poems? Why she writes about death, though always loved life? Why is she happy when a loved one “s not sick?” Why she calls herself Psyche? Why well-known and brilliant writer worked polomojki? Why she committed suicide? Why she loves rowan bush? Why not pine, spruce is not without maple! Why Rowan?
Rowan Bush
Yes, because you have never been in her place! And do not try to try on her skin for yourself! If you had to live abroad … away from his beloved, and a native Russian … where your friends … … parents grave in the winter snow crunches underfoot and the smell of mildew in the summer … which gives the milk a cow and write poetry under the light of candles … one where the blood of a tree in the snow … then you would understand that a man feels when on the road … especially the bush gets rowan!
“red brush
Rowan lighted.
falling leaves.
I was born.
They argued hundreds
Bells. < p> The day was the sabbath:.
John the Evangelist
To me and to this day
I would like to nibble
Roast rowan
orkuyu brush. “
Many thanks to Pavlovsky, who knew how hard the poet … who knew all the answers … and so sensitively to describe and understand the life and work of the poet.

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