“Chronicle of the reign of Charles IX. Carmen” Review Paper

Published: 2021-09-10 14:30:08
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Essay on “Chronicle of the reign of Charles IX. Carmen”
French writer Prosper Mérimée, known for its romanticism, wrote a fantastic, even with some elements of mystery novel “Lokys”. Wherein I read recently and am still impressed by the hour reading. Merimee – one of the founders of this subgenre as realistic historicism. He gives historical events romantic sound in his books, novels. For him there is no task more interesting than the detailed analysis of selected historical character. A striking example of this is “Chronicles reign of Charles IX». Merimee is not only a playwright, but also a great hoaxer, skilful intriguer and a subtle psychologist.
The very appearance of this novel is very intriguing. “The manuscript of Professor Vittenbaha” – is like the quintessence of all the accumulated writer life experience, his literary creativity p>
The style of writing “Lokys” is somewhat similar to the style of Bram Stoker -. Letters, travel notes, the main character, as it were moving away from what was happening, he – the observer. But at the same time he is also an active participant in an event p>
The skill of the writer appears in the description of the characters: the German scientist-linguist and Shemet graph – a mysterious character, a doctor who in spite of his outspoken skepticism immediately has to itself. and panna young Ivinskaya – Laughs restless and mischievous – “quickly, like a cat … white as sour … eyes shining stars …”. Their bright, memorable images characterize Merimee as a master storyteller p>
In this book may be the first time in the literature, with the problem of dualism, a split personality:.
– How to explain you, Professor, – suddenly asked ? I Count the end of the afternoon – so, how explain you dualism or duality of our nature p>
Seeing that I did not quite understand his question, he went on: p>
– it was not there you, being on the top of the tower or on the edge, at the same time experience the temptation to throw down, and quite the opposite of this feeling fuck .. p>
-? This can be explained by purely physical causes, – said the doctor. – Firstly, the fatigue you feel after getting up, causing a rush of blood to the brain, which … p>
– leave the blood alone, Doctor, – eagerly exclaimed the Count, – and let us take another example. You are holding a loaded gun. You face your best friend. You have a desire to put a bullet in the forehead. The thought of this murder instills in you the greatest horror, and yet you are drawn to it. I think, gentlemen, that if all the thoughts that come to mind in the course of a single hour … I think if to write down all your thoughts, Professor, I think wise, they would have amounted to a folio, on the basis of which perhaps, any lawyer would have won custody of you and you threw any judge would be in jail or in a lunatic asylum. p>
(The full “split personality” has developed in modern literature WP Bletti in their classic works.) p>
Count Mikhail influenced modern romantic lit. ture, idealistic philosophy, fashionable at the time of mysticism, probably was not quite healthy mentally. This was aided by a fertile folk customs, local folklore, the marshes animals with their kings.
Even his own mother sees in him … on the whole person.
But what’s intriguing “Lokys “? The author skillfully scattered around the product puzzles for the reader. Starting with the arrival of the scientist in the estate, when he sees the mother of the hero, which, as it turned out later – crazy (automatically have associations with Jane Eyre …), meeting in the swamp, etc. The plot is no slack for a moment… Action steeped in secrets and mysteries, local folklore closely linked to the legends, traditions, superstitions, tales.
The ending of the novel is tragic and inexplicable. The author leaves no facts or clues for a logical explanation for what happened. And why is it called, the author also explains only on the last pages.
«Miszka su Lokiu p>
Abu du tokiu.»

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