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Published: 2021-09-12 15:10:10
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Compare and Contrast
There are several features to look for when choosing a computer model with which to work. They include the computer performance, storage and memory, video and audio, power, expansion, communication, software and security and support. The computer models may also come in a variety of series. The different models in this report have been evaluated depending on their features. This would enable the choosing of the computer model best suited for the group. The model chosen will also be dependent on price. The three models from which to compare and contrast are Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5088, Dell Latitude E5520 and HP Omni 220-1155xt. The models’ features, as well as their prices, will be evaluated. The model chosen for the organization has the convenient features and price.
Compare and Contrast
There is a variety of personal computer models ranging from different brands and manufactures, as well as the brand of the personal computer. When choosing a personal computer, one should evaluate its features, price and the service one looks to acquire. The computer models that have been evaluated in this essay include Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5088, Dell Latitude E5520 and HP Omni 220-1155xt. Satellite C655D-S5088 and Latitude E5520 are laptops, while Omni 220-1155xt is a desktop. To evaluate 3 computers and choose the best model for our group
Computer #1- Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5088
Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5088 is a laptop. On performance, Satellite C655D has a dual-core processor, a mobility Radeon graphics engine and a graphics memory, which ranges from 256MB to 1917MB. It has a window 7 operating system. It has speakers. It has an auto sensed multi touch pad. It has a DVD drive that is SuperMulti. Satellite C655D has a screen that is 15.6 inches, HD, in size, with a display resolution of 1366 by 768. Toshiba Satellite has no microphone and webcam. On connectivity, it has a Wi-Fi wireless LAN, but has no blue tooth and a modem port.
The PC’s Ethernet LAN is 10/100. For expansion, the PC has two USB ports and a memory card reader, but it does not contain a smartcard reader and a personal computer express slot. For security, it has a password utility with a Toshiba Supervisor, a slot for a security cable and a HDD recovery. Toshiba Satellite also has a battery warranty of one year and a guarantee of labor and parts for one year. On power, the PC has a Lithium-ion battery, which contains a 6-cell pack of 48Wh. C655D-S5088 uses a 65-Watt AC adapter that is capable of auto sensing. The PC is going at a price of 479.99 dollars. C655D-S5088 has a memory of 4GB and its hard drive is 500GB (Toshiba, 1).
Computer #2- Dell Latitude E5520
Dell Latitude E5520 is also a laptop. Latitude E5520 has an Intel core processor that ranges from i7, i5 and i3. It can be operated on a Windows 7, Windows Vista as well as Linux Ubuntu operating systems. Its touch pad is a multi-touch and its keyboard can either be single or dual pointing. Its speakers are of high quality. E5520 has a multi-optical drive of a DVD+/-RW and DVD-ROM. The PC has memory slots that can support 4GB, 2GB or 1GB cards. It has an Anti-Glare LED display that can be either 15.6 inches HD or 15.6 inches FHD. Latitude E5520 has a combined jack for both a microphone and a stereo headphone. It also has noise reducing microphones and a video webcam (Dell, 1).
E5520 supports the connectivity of WiMAX and Wireless LAN, GPS, mobile broadband and Bluetooth. Its Ethernet LAN is 10/100/1000. It also contains a network connector slot and four USB ports of 2.0, whereby one is a combination of USB and eSATA. The PC has a lithium-ion battery with four battery packs option that include, a 4-cell of 40 Whr, a 6-cell of 60 Wh, 9-cell of 97Wh and a 9-cell of 87Wh. It uses an AC adapter of 95 Watts or 65 Watts and a DC adapter of 90 Watts. Dell Latitude E5520 costs $499.
Computer #3- HP Omni 220-1155xt
HP Omni 220-1155xt is a desktop and a HP model. The PC has a quad-core processor that ranges from second generation Intel Core of i5-2400S and i5-2500S and third generation Intel Core of i5-3450S and i7-3770S. It has a window 7 operating system. Omni 220 can host three optical drives, which consist of a SuperMulti DVD burner, a SuperMulti DVD burner with Pro X4 of Corel Paint Shop and a Blue-ray player with a DVD burner that is SuperMulti. Omni 220 also has integrated graphics of one gigabyte of AMD and a Radeon HD of 7450A, one gigabyte of NVIDIA and a GeForce of 520m, two gigabits of NVIDIA and GeForce GT of 540M and lastly two gigabytes of AMD and a Radeon HD of 7650A. It has a hard drive of 1TB and 7200 revolution per minute SATA.
Omni 220 has a memory capacity of Free Upgrade to 6GB, one DIMM of 4GB and two DIMMs of 8 GB. Omni 220 supports wireless networking ranging from a one by one N LAN card, a two by two N LAN card, a two by two N LAN card with a Bluetooth and an interface of Base-T network. The PC has two ports that support a six in one card reader, audio, a USB of two totals and one MiniCard. It can support both standard and wireless key board and mouse. HP Omni 220-1155xt costs $ 799 (HP, 1).
Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5088 and Dell Latitude E5520 have an advantage over HP Omni 220-1155xt, in that they are more mobile and portable. This would be convenient for the employees as they work from any region or location, including at home or when traveling. The two are also cheaper. When considering the price, the performance of the PC will also be considered.
In this Dell Latitude E5520 will be the best recommendation for the group. It has features almost similar to those of Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5088, but better. It has a mid-range and more affordable price as compared to the desktop. Features such as the webcam and microphone would enable the communication of employer and employees even at different locations.
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