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Published: 2021-09-10 09:15:05
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Harry Potter and the philosophers stone and Spenserian 2 Film trailers are a synopsis of an up and coming movie, they represent and highlight key parts of a film to grasp the audience’s attention and entice them into viewing the movie. They are commonly seen on television during adverts and at any cinema. In order to analyses a film trailer successfully you have to focus on elements such as dramatic effects, suitability, target audience, music and lighting etc… I have selected Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone (American version) and Spenserian 2. Both films are very different and both have various differences and similarities in attracting and grasping the attention of their target audiences. The two trailers are films adapted from previous children’s books.
Spenserian 2 is an action packed movie which Is a sequel to Spenserian. A young man called Peter Parker continues to struggle handling his heroic powers/Dulles and maintain a life of normality. Harry Potter is the first in a series of films based on a young boy who begins his journey as a wizard at Hogwash’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His Journey soon starts to enfold the challenging issues he is forced to deal with. Both films are different genres and therefore will have different target audiences, after all mystic and magic doesn’t mix well with heroic action thriller does it? Text, color, camera, lighting and sound are five main categories I will use to analyses my comparisons.
Film Trailers 2017
Camera angles work as a central Ingredient to any film; their effects supply the audience with a sense of adventure and emotion. The camera is forever working as a pair of eyes, they guide you on where to look and focus throughout the film. Harry Potter’s trailer began with a long shot of mystical castle hat the story is based around. As the camera zooms over certain scenes it creates the Illusion of flying, low and subjective shots are also used to put you in the characters position. For example when the cat In Harry Potter turns Into Professor Monoclonal, this transformation takes place through the cats eyes.
The pace and tempo in this trailer is very relaxed and has a continuous rhythm which allows the audience to relate with the mystical characteristics In the film. Alternatively Spenserian g’s trailer displays different effect through camera angles. The camera whizzes around New York City and in and out scenes from the movie. The pace is quick and sharp to create an Intense and exciting effect on the audience. The camera angles expose the right amount of graphics used In the action scenes to keep the viewers wanting more.
The trailer uses a wide variety of shots from indirect to high angle; however the actual trailer opens with a medium shot to show a conversation between two characters. The use of color in both trailers is bold and very much reflective of what each film symbolisms e. G. Magic. In Spenserian 2 there are two main colors, blue and red.
These colors are famously associated with Spenserian and are the colors of his super Nero costume. Area Ana Dull are very strong, peep Ana striking colors, teeny grasp the audience’s eye. Lighting throughout Spenserian 2 contrasts to match his contrasting lifestyle. When he is Peter it is reasonably light, but when he is Spenserian it is much darker. This reflects the fact his identity is a secret to the rest of the world.
On the other hand Harry Potter’s trailer has very bright colors such as greens and blues to symbolism and create this “magical world. “

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